Safe and certified Loft Ladders: choose the one to solve your problems

Fgm scale Retractable Terrace Ladders are innovative made of steel products, providing a high level of stability and safety.

Reliable and comfortable ladder, it is made of steel and it has holes wall system for anchoring.

The exclusive “Ghost” Mezzanine Ladder is the innovative motorized ‘no hatch’ automatic ladder, perfect to have access to mezzanine.

Made in Italy

Our Ladders are manufactured and produced in Italy and we ship them throughout Europe.

Certified Quality

Safety, reliability and comfort like no other guaranteed by our certifications.

Satisfied customers

Shipment in 24 hours, personalized products and ongoing customer care is what makes our customers satisfied.

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AutoAttic® & AutoAttic Vip®

With the use of a simple remote, you can open and close the ladder by simply pressing a button. A silent low power electrical motor comes into action by opening and closing the ladder, even when there is a lack of electric energy. Our motorized electrical ladders are able to function even without electric energy, thanks to a battery which is able to provide an outonomy of 30 minutes.

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