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Modern flats have rarely square footage to work with, indeed small-scale home is the new trend of living in big cities. Working vertically has become the fastest way to multiply your available space. We often see now, contractors who are planning max 80-square-foot buildings compromising on bathroom space and making it a tiny, difficult spot to manage. However, even a bathroom short on space can become a nice and functional area; you just need to look at following lines to find out how to get it done.

Same thing when it comes to optimize spaces, mixing creativity with wisdom is essential to decorate a small bathroom. Get comfortable and read below four tips I’ve come up just for you.

#1 Wondering what the first step to decorate a small bathroom? Get it started with painting and furnishings choice

mobili da bagno sospesi

We have already tackled this issue before. Anyway, walls colours plays an important role in making space feel bigger as well giving a better shape to living surroundings. White color is undoubtedly the best answer if you would like to give a more spacious and cozy appeal to your bathroom. Just make sure you paint the whole wall up to the ceiling. This small trick will add more depth to it.

Regarding furnishings choice, I suggest you to browse some bathroom fixture magazines, and take into account cantilevered bathroom set (or wall mounted bathroom faucet). You will definitively gain space underneath it and you can insert wood drawers to store your personal hygiene towel.

Take up one more sensational idea which means looking for smart pieces of furniture. This kind of bits belong to roll-away furniture likewise to convertible furninshing. Let me take a washbasin shelf as an example. You could equip at the bottom with a drawer to keep limescale remover, rags and other common tools all in place. Particularly, just opt for an oval built-in washbasin: space will seem larger to organise soaps, toothpastes, perfumes and creams.

So, when it comes to small bathroom decoring, flexibility, cleverness and functionality are three keywords to kick-start your renovation works. Speaking of which…

#2…Save up space with sliding door for your small bathroom

bagno con porta scorrevole

The best alternative to a bulky traditional hinged door is a sliding door. You will see, enhancing space is like gold discovering. One more reason to play with corners and to stop worrying about space reduced by door. You can finally say yes to corner maximisation solutions such a lavatory.

Besides, sliding door is a real design element giving that stylish touch to your flat. Just keep in mind, every detail counts when you deal with interior decorating, especially with small space.

#3 Bath or shower stall? Make your choice

cane insamponato nella vasca da bagno

It might seem trivial, however having a bathroom tight in space doesn’t mean giving up on a relaxing bath. Having said that, you just keep using your brain.

Think about how to make the most out of a space. Is a bath tub, maybe along one of the walls, the best solution to adopt? You will realise it once you get all the measurements. If there’s cramped space you will just waste your time. Settle for a shower stall. It is much more practical and won’t take up much space.

If shortage of space is not an issue, just put your bath tub and exploit side wall to hang some shelves and you can finally have your shampoo, body wash and sponges at your disposal. Conversely, if you prefer to take a quick shower instead of chilling out in a bath tub, get rid of traditional shower box and replace it with a curtain. You will obtain one single space. You can also go for a built-in shower. Just make sure house structure can make it possible.

#4 Using up vertical space

mensole da bagno con asciugamani e candele

Whether you own a tiny bathroom lacking square footage, just look up and start using your awkward walls space. Flap some shelves, towel racks and shelving units. Don’t overdo placing furnishing bits and arrange them smartly on one single wall. After all, if you kept in mind the above-mentioned keywords you will surely remember that it takes functionality to decorate a small bathroom.

Small design ideas for small bathrooms

Get inspired by 4 tips I gave to you and jump to bathroom remodel. Don’t forget to leave your feedback here below…

Before you dive in I want to give you one last food for thought. Does your house have a loft? If so you can easily link it up by means of hatch and get access to it. Think over it: is bathroom the best space to make use of and to access to the loft? You will free up space in your hallway besides owning a new storage closet right above the tiniest room of your house.

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