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Every house has a story. Every house tells a piece of life of the people who lived in them. Home is the place which constantly changes face reflecting evolving moments. Even when you have a limited amount of space, making your home more livable is essential. Square footage doesn’t matter when you get more out of it. Maximising the space of your house is obvious but a really important point to mention.

Increasing usable space in your house

Unlike old houses, modern ones have modest dimensions. Regardless the size of your home, contemporary lifestyle for various reasons is pushing us to add more stuff (pieces of furniture, appliances, accessories) in our homestead.

If you are lucky enough to have height available, this article about house space recovery  may help you to find out right strategies to create expansiveness of your living surrounding. For whose living in busy city especially in apartment block, wide open space becomes urgent, due to a lack of external spaces (terraces, gardens, garage or storage) to be exploitable.

Smart investing for a dynamic arrangement of furniture

Obviously, the smarter utilisation of space is key to driving costs efficiencies. First of all, when you are planning interior layout, you have to ask yourself what does your house really need; therefore you have to switch on your creativity.

IMG_1023-300x227According to different needs and times of the day, zones can get different meanings to your life. Don’t forget kitchen and toilette are the heart of living, so they are more important than living room.

Space-Saving Design ideas

If I could imagine my house I would suggest you more or less intensive restoration and decorating allowing you to rearranging it in a more efficient way. For example, sliding doors can be installed as they save precious swing space.

It is the perfect solution, particularly for unused spaces improving Sipario-185x300functionality and giving character thanks to the opportunity to adding more pieces of furniture. Making the most out of hidden spaces, in particular inside toilettes or hallways.

Take advantage of vertical space and make mezzanines equipped with AutoAttic Ghost loft ladder (it is the leading product for space saving ladders ). It is the compact tool to store stuff we do not usually employ. It perfectly matches the living surrounding turning into functional  storage or utility room.

One more strategy to make usable spaces is to build lairs. Small spaces where you can store tools and equipment. They reveal to be ideal to make a shower box as well.

IMG_1022-300x210Have you ever thought of making a freestanding bookcase instead of a traditional manonry? It’s like feeding two birds with one seed, which means solving two problems at once.

Just imagine a light, metal or wood structure enriched by glass ledges. Such wall, unlike the traditional one, provides an effective separating element  sharing the same floor, so enhancing your space.

Improving sense of place

Opening room up means to make a house as efficient as possible. What we need to do is striving to achieve what we really need. If there’s barely space make sure you organise a good layout that promotes a proper flow. To boost the size of a narrow room just make sure you follow easy steps. To make a space more expansive than it actually is just pay attention to the details, for example by means of decorations.

AUTOATTIC-VIP-GHOST300-MANO-212x300Sticking to the same bright colour, and using “light”materials such us glass or steel, will make your space look bigger. Never use darker colours, it will just add the dark feel of the space, thus significantly reducing it.

To sum up

Just smile; don’t be afraid to take risks and love your home challenge. Regardless you call an interior designer or you choose the DIY route, this article showed you 4 design ideas to get extra space in your house or flat. Here are the following:

1. Sliding doors

2. Mezzanines

3. Lairs

4. Room dividers

5. Bright colours and “light” materials

Let us to give you one more tip: if you have a multi-story house, rollaway ladders can be the most functional solution. We invite you to discover our wide range of products.

To have a better tomorrow, you have to make efforts today.

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