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Wedding symbolizes the beginning of sharing life’s purposes…making sweet promises tasting of sugar, honey, almond and colour. Tasting the good flavour of a new space. Our gorgeous loft ladders will definitely make you enjoy your living surrounding. They are customised loft ladders furnished with led panels. Back to the sweetness, let’s focus on sugar almonds. Discovering the world behind marriage means finding out about its powerful syblos: sugar almonds and wedding cake. 

A loft ladder for life

For the purposes here, let me use a metaphore: I shall say “the rise supporting the ladder or the overlapping layers” may convey “the climbing up through the married life”; husband and wife are getting ready to take together a journey filled with joy and troubles. This is what our loft ladder is meant to be. Figuratively speaking, the ladder suggests the idea of life climbing. In other words, we are committed to “manufacture  for the present moment and for the future”. At this moment, the company holds a leading market position, reason why we just get excited when patents pay our work. However, we always remind you, try it then trust it! Our aim is making your dream coming true like walking down a slope. Making your life all going smoothly…no climbing hills anymore

DSCN4425-300x225Grab the opportunity of going up and down with no troubles. You will always be sure to have stand out design inside your living surrounding. Cheer up and venture exclusive solution just browsing our website. Or alternatively, if you are in the proximity, you can come visiting us, have a look around and eventually getting one of our products. You will realize how our craftsmen work and how proficient they are; they’re all working together in a non-stopping manufacturing system. A working investment which has been running for years filling our hearts with joy. We would like to remind you, we live in the town of love, where climbing a Fgm Loft Ladder is the easiest job ever. 

DSCN4430-300x225Why don’t you take a honeymoon tour to a romantic destination like Sulmona, the town of love?

Sulmona is seen as the homeland of sugar almonds. The town is boasting centuries of history for this fine handcrafted product which has become popular all over the world. Usually, many couples come to Sulmona looking for a particular idea to make their wedding unforgettable. Here you can find anything you need from sugar almonds, souvenir and wedding dress. Let’s taste the traditional sugared almonds of Avola, or be original by picking sugar coloured flowers. Obviously, getting the right colour can make a difference in the most important day of your life.


A fistful of history: the sugar almond of Sulmona

Sugar almond has a very old history behind. According to some evidences given by Fazi’s family (447 A.D.) and Apicio (14-37 A.C.), a friend of the Roman emperor Tiberio, sugar almond was already known during the Roman age. It is said, ancient Roman people used sugar almonds to celebrate births and weddings. Despite the sweets looked very different from today’s ones, nobody didn’t learn of sugar’s discovery; therefore, people used to employ honey and flour in order to make a sweet mixture covering the almond. It was a kind of exquisite ‘confection’ for special occasions. Conversely, other theory have shown that sugar almond dated back to about 1200 A.C. , the time during which both almonds and coriander seeds were hard honey coated.

Also in this case, sugar almonds were mostly appreciated from noble families, who used to keep them inside precious adorned trunks.  There was little information on this product in Venice (in 1200 A.C.) which was taken by merchants coming from Far East. In this respect, it was Byzantine Empire’s custom of throwing down these confections from noble balconies to people celebrating Carnival. An interesting story confers the invention of sugar almond to an Arabic doctor, whose name is Al Razi. He used to prescribed these sweets for therapeutic purposes: the shell sweetened bitter-tasting medicines, especially for kids. Apart from this, the most similar sugar almond shape to the current one was found out after the invention and importation of sugar becoming from that time, the leading sweetener by replacing honey, which was the main sweet ingredient of these sweets.

DSCN4443-300x225The emergence of sugar occurred away back in 700 A.C., when it was imported by the Arabic populations; nonetheless, it wasn’t neither popular nor affordable to everyone. 700 hundred centuries later, in 1400 A.C. the Arabics began to use it for sugar almonds manufacturing. It was the time, modern production of these sweets took place in Sulmona (a town located in the centre of Italy). Always in Sulmona, around the 16th century, we see the development of artistic processing techniques of sugar almonds inside the Abbey of Santa Chiara. There, sugar almonds were tied up by means of silk filaments in order to garnish flowers, bunches, sheaves of wheat and rosaries. Old tradition of sugar almonds makes Sulmona the oldest sugar almonds manufacturing in Italy.

Nobody thinks of Sulmona as a place where you can find a lot more interesting things to see. However, there are companies which are involved to make your houses as coziest as possible.  Fgm Scale is one of these companies working to the best to give you the chance to look beyond the limits. Furthermore, we combine the sweetness with pleasure in one fell swoop, without any efforts. Our loft ladder suggests the idea of life: a cycle evolving to a new evolution.





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