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Using a loft ladder is extremely easy. Today the first thing you must decide before choosing one is which type fulfills your needs. Loft ladders were originally used for technical rooms. They used to be and they still are practical, therefore people using them can benefit a lot. It is not only a sturdy piece of furniture but also its functionality is given by the fact you can close it avoiding problems arising from insufficient technical room space. 

Everybody has memories of old trapdoors when reaching the loft. Wonderful rigid ladders which turned around construction building market. Nowadays those kind of loft ladders are extremely rare to find in houses as they were replaced by modern mezzanines design. Changes in trends and preferences don’t necessarily mean a total transformation of device. They keep chasing innovation and being the source of inspiration for interior designer, however their main old style components are unchanged. They maintain their originality. Speaking of which, rigid portable ladder is the essential tool for technical environments such as plants, factories and houses.

ATTIC-LADDER-212x300In the latter case, stepladders are usually placed both inside or outside houseplaces as a mean to reach the roofs. To this end, debate starts from the roof and its primary role. Especially in recent years stepladders are employed for solar panels maintanaince.

Their significance is linked to functionality, safety and endurance. It is the ideal piece of furniture handling capacitive loads. Obviously we are now talking about a stable ladder suitable for work. Attic steel ladder has replaced traditional old ladder. The point is that everybody today need pure stability and safety.

In this regard our patent system is aimed at providing these latest key elements. According to figures based on percentage of construction site accident injuries, we came to the conclusion that safety is our priority. We move forward with this ambitious and rewarding goal. We don’t need big aspirations to be successful. We know that it is a highly competitive product that will have no rivals.

IMG_1013-300x225Fgm is a manufacturing company but always keeping craftsmanship practices. Our plant is the place which gave birth to products by assembling them piece by piece, always focusing on quality materials and expertise of our partners.

Attention to detail is at the core of our team work. We believe in what we do and we learnt it from our customers positive feedback. Loft ladder is changing our daily activities, however you have to use it to fully understand benefits can bring to your life.

You can only imagine how different is the usage of loft ladder according to the country, nonetheless it remains in any case a necessity. Given its functionality, you can’t deny your life has become easier than you expected. You can say goodbye to dust and  obstructive device and you can finally welcome to extra space. We usually call it the revolutionary tool, as we have no doubts that it will change your life. And why not, you can think of it as something that cheers you up. Forget about the trouble!


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