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The questions you have- The answers you need to easily manage a purchase

1. How can I find the right trapdoor hole?

If you can’t find the trapdoor hole which best suits your needs don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail at or calling us at +39 393 8747777;

2. What does Measurement C stand for?

As far loft ladders is concerned, measurement C is the measure of the compartment. Basically, it is the perpendicular line, expressed in cm, between the floor and low-ceilinged; regarding wall ladders it is the distance between bottom floor and the upper floor, once it is completed.

3. What does special loft ladder mean?

Special loft ladder is a non-standard or odd-sized piece of furniture all custom-made for you. Manufacturing will take five more extra days.

4. Can I pay the product on delivery?

We only accept the following payment methods: bank or postal transfer, Credit cards, Postepay and Paypal included. In addition, you can pay cash only at company premises.

5. How does the delivery cost?

FGM company applies charge of €59 for shipment to Europe offering a quick and impeccable service.

6. How long does the shipment take?

Shipment takes usually 48 hours.

7. Are loft ladders suitable for any kind of environment?

Sure. Loft ladders can be installed on walls, attics, terraces and mezzanines;

8. Are loft ladders suitable for work premises?

 We suggest exclusively the Attic ladder model to be used inside technical rooms or work premises;

9. Is it possible to add left handside handrail after the purchase of the product?

Definitely, no problem. You just need to order and once you receive it, you can easily assemble on your loft ladder;

10. Can I install loft ladders for outside environments?

The only suitable retractable ladders for exteriors are the terrace ladders, the ideal tools to do roof maintenance works or to check solar panels;

11. Can loft ladders be adapted to different heights?

Every retractable ladder displays its covering range and height to be adapted. If you need different measurement you need to request a customized model;

12. What are the mimimum sizes of a trapdoor hole on which I can hook a rollaway ladder?

Minimum width sizes requested are width of 45 cm and lenght of 70 cm;

13. Is it possible to wall up the loft ladder inside the slab or the ceiling?

Asolutely not. You can’t wall up loft ladders inside the loft, although you can install them by means of brackets, which come up with the packaging, attaching them through polyurethane foam;

14. Which stage of house renovation is better to install a retractable ladder?

We suggest you to do it once your house renovation works are over, that means after you finished flooring placing and roof retouching;

15. How the trapdoor hole should be designed?

As you can see inside product section of our website, distance between trapdoor hole and perimeter walls should be at least of  3 cm. The hole should have a square shape. Bottom part will have four angles free of obstructive objects, in order to allow to assembly four hanger brackets;

16. Is it possible to buy a rollaway ladder having a slab thicker than 28 cm?

While you placing your order online you have to enter a value indicating ceiling thickness in order to suiting your requirements. Moreover it is possible to choose as optional accessories ceiling step for mezzanine or loft;

17. Is it possible to unlock a motorized loft ladder from upper floor?

All range of AutoAttic loft ladders can be unlocked both from lower and upper floors, by means of remote and wall keyboard too;

18. In case of malfunction of the actuator of the motorized loft ladder, how can I open the ladder?

No problem at all. You can remove the panel of the AutoAttic model by unscrewing it; regarding the AutoAttic Vip version you have to unfasten the panel (magnet panel) and pull out the pivot of the actuator making the ladder manual, therefore you can easily open or close it;

19. In case of power outage, How can possibly open my loft ladder?

The AutoAttic Vip model is equipped with a backup battery ensuring the ladder to operate even in case of power blackout;

20. What maintenance works do the motorized and the manual loft ladders need?

If you want to keep motorized loft ladder in perfect conditions you need to lubricate every six months threads and hinges. For manual loft ladders, you don’t need to do any maintenance works.

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