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Our loft ladders have achieved one more meaningful goal. “Autoattic” and “AutoAttic Vip” labels have been registered as trademarks by the Ministry of Economic Development. We granted a patent rewarding our invention and at same time putting us in the role of leaderships in the Loft Ladders manufacturing sector.

Motorized AutoAttic Ladder

Steel loft ladders that will change your life for the better. They are suitable to the specific requirements involved matching perfectly your living surrounding. Choice doesn’t cause any trouble. It is the century turning point in terms of functionalityspace-RELAX-TELECOMANDO-CON-MANO-UO0MO-FINAL-212x300savingsafety, and design solution. We want to broaden the horizons. This is what drives all our work. No doubt, we have to thank ourselves for commitment and our customers witnessing our work.

The majority of you have tested our products leaving highly positive reviews of product performance (find out more about it please click here). Skepticism just doesn’t belong here and customers as well give us proof of trust. We have meticulous craftsmanship of our team members on our side. This is the new manufacturing formula which is overtaking the “old” one (please read here for further details).

 Innovation and Craftsmanship

We are growing through innovation while mantaining old values. We like to think that the best hand-made product will never go out of style; however, we know well that traditional craftsman’s skills need modern manufacturing to keep going on. This kind of concept has been effectively applied getting great results.

AUTOATTIC” “AUTOATTIC VIP” registered trademarks give evidence of products success. This is something rewarding us for our competence and passion-driven we put into our products. Our talent has an edge over Italy and we have crossed the boundaries over the european market . We want new audiences and business opportunities. We want to get our loft ladder known all over the world. We want to break through the market, in order to let potential customers realize the “taste” of our product. In essence, this is a new “taste” of home decor, of space optimising, but in particular of design at a glance. For us, loft ladder always plays the leading role of a seductive, classy and charming lady. It personifies the character you couldn’t easily imagine but impossible not to be noticed.

Oriental Warehouse Loft Architect: Edmonds + Lee Location: San Francisco, California

Oriental Warehouse Loft
Architect: Edmonds + Lee
Location: San Francisco, California

However, beautiful appearance shouldn’t be underestimated as well as functionality and safety of the object. We have a determined, open-minded style of writing because we want to give the best to our customer. This is our way to interact with you as we love to spread motivational messages. This is the reason why we will never give up on venturing forward. So you have to take the chance, and you will learn to manage uniquely your home design. It is a futuristic vision with a blend of old-fashioned retro style.



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