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The vertical automatic ladder has always been the right answer to save room inside the living surroundings. We all know, a loft isn’t usually the most used room in the house during the day; however, it can be used once a week or a month as storage room.

Therefore, we need to make sure to reach it in the easiest and safest way we can.

First of all, loft ladders are at the moment the key to comfort. Nevertheless, taking into account the automatic version, we might need to think of a product which is smart, comfortable and safe all together. When we think of an automatic ladder, we need to conceive it like a real Hollywood Diva or more, like a great Italian actress; and let it say, we wouldn’t be wrong if we compare it with Sofia Loren, the icon of Italian beauty and elegance.

This is our idea of an automatic ladder. It avoids any kind of efforts and combines any kind of home furnishing.

The ladder combines with modern interior design but it also matches perfectly traditional surroundings. It blends into the house without too much effort creating the perfect marriage between innovative and traditional styles. What more, don’t forget its endurance: the ladder owns the highest level of safety and it is provided with brilliant engine which is the natural pay-off of attentive studies. Moreover, it is possible to customize the wooden panel by means of different types of upholstery or even more removing it…you can still activate it!

Put any efforts aside. The automatic pantograph loft ladders are the best way, beyond the most convenient one to go up to upper floors. Moreover, installing, takes short time plus the price is a steal. You won’t need as well to call any construction worker as setting up doesn’t require any masonry. Installation is very simple as every piece of it is interlocking. The pantograph loft ladder is a luxury item at your fingertips.

motorized loft ladder

Autoattic Vip

The ladder pantograph’s most peculiar feature is that it is locking as well. It is definitely the ideal ladder helping you to save space in your house. In fact, today we have new kind of house-places: that means less usable space, therefore you have to better optimize your living surroundings. As well as, safety, quality and excellence shouldn’t be kept out.

Roof ladders are useful to reach lofts, attics but also terraces and outdoors being supported by proper extension ladders.

By the way, looking from the bottom, the pantograph ladder is hooked up to the wall by means of a locking hatch which allows you to climb up and down. Besides this, it is possible to install it both to the ceiling or to the vertical wall as best suits your needs.

That is to say, it is a kind of locking equipment featuring a hinge and spring system which connect junction elements, or nodes. The nodes are all linked together thanks to proper non-twisting hinges and they overlap until they build up a stable ladder. This is a kind of manufacturing which, unlike the folding ladder, proves to be more stable and solid in order to bear heavy loads.


First of all extension ladders doesn’t take up much space. They are low-noise level, smart, stable and covered by warranty. Moreover, they are functional and useful especially for extreme users. Only by clicking on the remote, you will automatically lower or stow the ladder. You can activate it by distance from upper or lower floors.

steel remote

Steel remote

In addition, the engine is solid and noiseless, and it doesn’t need any maintenance works. Manufacturing takes place inside the plant. Only guaranteed and sustainable materials are being processed by innovative machines.

FGM ladders is a leading ladder manufacturer as it has all the safety certifications required providing the best customer service as well. Actually, our job is offering not only a finished product but above all satisfying our customers’ needs.

We can proudly say, a step forward has been definitely taken: everyone have the chance to live safely and peacefully. Our loft ladder is the best way to reach upper floors without any effort optimizing all the space available.


Firstly, you need to choose your favourite type of loft ladder in order to install it.

Secondly, when choosing a loft ladder please take the following points into consideration:

  • Frame size
  • Compartment internal height
  • Slab thickness

The pantograph loft ladder size can be adapted to different floor to ceiling heights from mt 2.5 to 3. If you need it you can ask for customized models. Same as well you can ask for rigid loft ladders or combinable ones custom designed. Make sure you do your personal request when you are placing the order.

Once the loft ladder installation is complete, no more maintenance works are needed; even the lubrication of components is inadvisable.

If you face any problems at the loft hatch opening like too much extended opening, we will operate on the extensions, previously standard installed on each loft ladder.

Loft ladders Pre-view and Pricing

Come to visit us and you can actually pre-view the features of your favourite hatch and check the price in order to get an idea of the exact total amount of it.

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