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There’s something about renovation and indoor changing in the air: it is the need for extra space in your house. Getting to the high.

When you need more space in your home, a mezzanine reveals to be the perfect solution by exploiting the height as a vent. Before  converting your space into a mezzanine, you need planning, maybe getting the help of an architect, in order to choose the material, the applicability and – most important- to get know if we have what it takes to start your building work.

This article, will give you all the informations you have been looking for, so as to develop a mezzanine. However, before hiring an architect, you need to know all the regulations, or you might take the risk of stumbling before lacing up your shoes.

Building Regulations for mezzanine

Regulations related to mezzanine building procedure don’t cause you any trouble to understand – for once, you must admit bureaucracy won’t take any bribes. In short/to recap, here’s a list of regulations to be taken into account in order to shape a mezzanine.

  • Ceiling height. The room you need to build a mezzanine, should have a minimum required height of 440 cm. The height below might not be less than 210 cm, ceiling slab included.
  • Floor area. The floor space you need to build a mezzanine shouldn’t be more than one third of the space, except for the case of a ceiling height of at least 220 cm, both from the floor area and from the roof. In that, you can locate a mezzanine at the half of the height of the room.
  • Glass floor area. It might not be less than 1/8 of the space on which you have built the mezzanine.
  • Project documents. A sector professional will provide the documents to the Technical Council of your place. Once building works are completed, documentary evidence, being provided to the land office, is needed, as developping a loft, a mezzanine or a garret does actually increase the walkable area of your houseplace.

PS → The above mentioned regulations may vary according to the Building and Hygiene Code of the Municipality of residence.

Since legal aspects has been dealt with, we need to decide what type of material to use for your mezzanine.

Choosing the material for a mezzanine

You can choose between four materials to adapt to your mezzanine. Chosen material will directly affect building time and something else which can’t be underestimated, that is the aesthetic impact. Choose the solution you want to opt for your mezzanine:

  • masonry
  • wood
  • iron
  • glass

Important note: whatever material you choose, load capacity might not be less than 250 kilograms per metre squared.  When planning, take it into consideration. After that,  we will go through the main aspects of each material considered.

Masonry mezzanine

Masonry mezzanine

The most concrete and adaptable solution to take. As a matter of fact, masonry mezzanine can match any kind of living surrounding. Thanks to its structure, a new space will be available, matching all your needs.

You can finally design your dream mezzanine covering the distance from the bathroom to the kitchen. Provided that, your ceiling is very high (440 cm is the optimum size). As a matter of fact, if on one side the firmness and thickness of a masonry mezzanine become real advantages, they can turn into a problem during planning stage. You might need a structural change to your home, and building works might be done in almost thirty days. 

When choosing material to exploit to your mezzanine, pro and cons need to be taken into account.

Wood mezzanine

Wood mezzanine

This is the most classic, rough and ready choice. Light and value for money material, wood mezzanine is the perfect solution in order to make a cozy and welcoming (warm) living surrounding. It is the ideal bedroom for kids, making easy for you to collect your own memories, spending time at your cottage. The usage of wood might be limited by the material itself. Let me be clear: wood tends to warp over time, or better to bend. Moreover, being not so stable as masonry mezzanine, it might be squeaking all the time not giving the place a feeling of solidity (due to vibrations).

Conversely, wood mezzanine building save you time and costs are really low. Honestly, also in this case you have to evaluate pros and cons.

Iron mezzanine

Iron mezzanine

This is the halfway between masonry and wood mezzanine. Iron mezzanine perfectly blends with modern tech style. 

Being really light and handy – provided with prefabricated modules – steel mezzanine is the suitable choice for the DIY building. Building time is very short, however the price might be very high. The only flaw you might need to know is the noise caused from strides impact. Therefore, in order to damp it you will need a trick: a carpet, just to give you an example, will be perfect for you.

Glass mezzanine

Glass mezzanine

Glass mezzanine floor is the ultimate design choice. you can’t deny it. This is the most futuristic style choice than the previous ones suggested. Looking beneath the surface, it is a sturdy and strong material. Actually, structural glass panels are the same one being used for anti-shatter glasses. So in case you’re wondering, no people will get injured and no objects will get damages in case of glass breakages.

Unfortunately, it is the most expensive solution requiring higher maintenance. Glass gets scratches, and it may be periodically treated with special detergents, in order to prevent stains and at the same ensuring sparkling glass. 

How to maximize a mezzanine

Have you ever wondered how would you use your mezzanine at best? Whether wood, masonry, iron or why not, glass mezzanine, did you choose the purpose of metres gained? It might be hard to design a kitchen or a bathroom in a mezzanine, conversely you could easily create that relaxing spot you have been looking for, because of lack of space.

Gaining space for an extra bedroom

Your flat is nice, however you realized there’s less space to exploit. Probably, a newborn baby, or more simply giving your kids a room, will further reduce your home space. Well, you might think to master your space by building a mezzanine. Let’s try to visualize a low bed, pillows laid out on the floor, carpets and suffused lighting achieving the right atmosphere. You must admit, converting your mezzanine into a bedroom is a really interesting choice to make, literally a way of setting a refined and unique atmosphere.

Mastering small space living

And what about exploiting meters for your living space? Yes, you got it right: an intimate and familiar spot where you can invite your friends. You only need a couch, a comfortable armchair, a cozy carpet, a few lamps and the game is done: you finally get the ideal living space. Besides, if you are addicted to movies or to TV series, a wall mounted ultra flat screen TV plus accessories is just what you need. And, if music is the soundtrack of your life, a stereo or a PC shelf is something that can’t be ignored. You can’t give up listening to music especially when you chill out with your friends.

Getting the fitness mezzanine

 You are devoted to sports. You do have the typical high ceiling house. Nevertheless, your partner totally hates your home workout equipment you rashly left in your bedroom taking up all space – exercise bike, treadmill and weights. Your relationship is definetely worth saving and we suggest you the trick in order to solve your problems: arranging a fitness area on your mezzanine level. You won’t need to take away all your training equipment every time your mother-in-law will come to visit you and will finally store it to your new branded store center.

The “upper” level office

You have just bought your estate without a dedicated home office space to gain. Actually, your dining room has revealed to be unsuitable to your needs: planning your ideas during meals time gap has become really tough. And don’t lie about you’ve never thought about making a mezzanine above the living room. If you are a high-tech fan, you could add an iron or maybe a glassed-in mezzanine getting your dream office space, where you can maximize your time focusing on the right things, without getting distracted by family routine. In addition, you will have well organized and warm living surroundings, aimed at making your life better. A bookshelf, a wide desk and storage drawers are the final touch to your new space. Your house will surely get his smile back.

Turning your mezzanine for your DIY time

As we have already suggested to sport addicted, we are going to address to habitual DIY-er. You have learned that pliers, drills, hammers and shelves and all tools you have been hoarding since you were 16 years old are not warmly welcomed to your home. Therefore, it’s time to hunt for extra space as you don’t want to get rid of your stuff. Usually, you should already have a basement or a garage where you spending your DIY time – so as you konw, sanding, painting, unscrewing and block paving tools can’t help taking space. The solution is in your hand: this will be turning your DIY corner into reality.

Making over your mezzanine into Walk-in closet

Would you like to please your partner? Make her happy by converting your mezzanine into wardrobe closet. Moreover, enjoy about the many benefits of it: more storage place for your clothes – those unused pieces being left in the forgotten corner of your wardrobe- plus a space to be used only for her shoes. Finally, you might not find shoes all over the floors. In addition, she will spend most of the time tyding up her 2 metres and 10 above the sky walk-in closet.

As you can see, there are too many reasons to get a mezzanine and too many ways to exploit it. Nothing else: you just need to let your imagination fly, after that you have to design paying attention to details. 

Essential Accessories

A mezzanine won’t be enough to make the added space livable. You will need sockets, switches, and least but not last a ladder to get on it. This one shouldn’t prevent access to the bottom flooring (like doors or windows) and it shall be installed in order to fit the mezzanine level.

Besides, there are some regulations regarding ladders design and construction requirements, like the weight, the sound-proof feature, the firmness, wear and endurance. In this case as well, my advice is to go and ask for information to your municipality.  

Space and design all in one solution

We have gone through how mezzanine can be a solution to gain more space and – why not- to make your property go up ( we remind you a well done job can boost to the 10% of the value). This is the ideal way to get the design touch to your flat. As well,  you just need to opt for an AutoAttic Ghost Vip, a comfortable, smart and operational tool suiting your needs.

FGM Scale, the leading company in the loft ladders manufacturing, we’ll be waiting for you to design with you, the most suitable ladder for your mezzanine.

Design your retractable ladder

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