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Enjoy the taste of delicacies from sugar almonds to extra virgin olive oil. Discover typical food products coming from the ‘Parco Nazionale della Majella’ or learn more about cultural soul of the town of Sulmona. More specifically, let’s take a closer look at the horses races event called ‘Giostra Cavalleresca’ will be on display on the 2nd of May at “Casa Abruzzo”. A 360° overview space, which from the 2nd of May, will occupy as well one of the areas inside Expo 2015 in Milan. This is the town of Sulmona, a truly unique treasure of its kind in Italy. A place and unexplored territory literally going beyond boundaries.

Sulmona on display at Expo

Getting deeper you will find something really suggestive: from typical craftsmanship (goldsmithing and sugar almonds manufacturing) to handcrafted businesses producing loft ladders (if you want to learn more about our company and Made in Italy brand, please read this article).

Companies growing on their own, succeeding in international market in short time. Though, the miniature of Duomo di Milano all made of sugar almonds will be, for sure, the striking point of “Casa Abruzzo” located in the area of Brera in Milan.

Expo 2015 and Casa Abruzzo hosting sugar almonds from Sulmona

Special effect to the artwork will be given by local artists coming from sugar almonds factories such as Pelino, Di Carlo, Pareggi and Ovidio warmly welcoming the initiative proposed by the deputy mayor Miss Luisa Taglieri, appointed to special events delegation.

The Council called heads of sugar almonds companies in order to value the typical product also in terms of artwork creating.

Miss Luisa Taglieri said- “For the first time in the history of the town, a city council has brought together sugar almonds manufacturers to patronise the typical sweet of Sulmona, a very popular product, known all over the world. A project receiving enthusiastic attitude by everybody. Next days we will be meeting up to define the stages of the project”.

 The soul of Sulmona

An exciting challenge to take for the town of Sulmona, whose great testimonial will be the sugar almond: the symbol of one of the administrative centers of the region of Abruzzo. No secret, it is going to be a universal showcase for the town of Sulmona. We believe this is the opportunity that should be seized. Thus, we can’t reverse the route we have started. At the end of Expo, the miniature of Duomo made of sugar almonds will be given to the Council of Milan. It is a “sweet” sign in order to undertake possible partnership in the future. Moreover, we announce with pride the soul of Sulmona will fly to Milan: the horses race event, namely the Giostra Cavalleresca. The historical commemoration, which is unique of its kind, will promote the territory at further international levels.

Businesses from Abruzzo at Expo in MilanIMG_1102-300x225

More than 300 businesses will be on display at Expo. Their main goal is to show the culinary excellences to the visitators from all over the world. The exhibition hall called “Tipici dei parchi“, born two years ago in the region of Abruzzo, will bring together the typical dishes rising from Italian national parks and it is ready to literally conquer the city of Milan.

A pretty interesting schedule consisting of show cooking, food tasting, workshop of taste, educational farms, recreational area, conferences and conventions, all aimed at disclosing the culture of food.

Events not to be missed

We remind you two unmissable dates at the Expo, from the 4th to the 10th of May and from the 1st to the 7th of June, offering the opportunity to people to rediscover their relationship with the rural world. In addiction, we would like to invite you to l’Aquila from the 28th to the 31st of May. The event has already taken place in Rome, where the first two editions appealed 60,000 visitators, 

Through house cooking, the purpose of the hall is to create a route including five aspects of the food culture: agricolture, territory, environment, nutrition and culinary culture.

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