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A loft ladder becomes essential especially when scaling a two-story house. However, it is much better not to underestimate the arrangement of your living surrounding. Picking the wrong loft ladder can result into a big mistake when we are talking about interior design. A loft ladder should be at the core of house layout planning. This is the smart imperative in order to find which loft ladder is best for your needs.  

 Loft Ladders selection

Nowaday, market offers a wide rage of interior ladders. Different styles of ladders are designed, from fixed versions to retractable models, but we would like to narrow to the latest ones. Loft ladders reveal to be the clever choice as these bits don’t take space. We can call them, the ladders for the future allowing people to reach not only attics and terraces but also to gain a comfortable access to mezzanines. What could you desire more than saving yourself some money especially in these difficult economic times.

Notwithstanding, ladders for your interiors come in a variety of materials according to the type of furniture and to the surrounding decor. Today, matching the right ladder is not so easy when choices abound; anyway the most talented interior designers suggest riskier and more stylish options. Loft ladder is getting increasingly the favourite design idea of people as they harmoniously blend all surroundings.



If in the past, they were considered as pieces of furniture to be cleared out, nowadays they are luxurious bits changing completely the look of your homestead.

The ladder is the real eye-catching piece of furniture in a house. Technically speaking, it has smaller rivet holes due to reduced dimensions of flats. This is to remind you, our company delivers substantial solutions in terms of comfy feel and appearance perception. 

Planning for your interior ladder

Our company make interior ladders ensuring complete safety of IMG_1096-200x300product in compliance with standard requirements of current legislation. You can order your preferred ladder from home. Just browse our website and you will spoil your style vanity beyond your needs. By changing the size of ladder we provide you the opportunity to customise it for a unique style. We just need to assemble or remove steps to achieve the proper declivity for usage.

Choosing wisely: smart and impact solutions

According to our design vision, buying a loft ladder for your living surrounding is one of the most clever choices. It is a space-saving tip, beyond being the smartest idea for your house outfitting. Multiple solutions are available just to show you the eccentricity and creativity of Italian brains. The ladder is much more than a linking tool, it conveys what we are.

Our mission is to combine functionality with personality, giving a finishing customised touch to any creation. Functional solutions, especially when you run out of space, which reveal to be pleasing: one design challenge solving two problems.


Add balustrades and handrail to make your loft ladder appealing. Bookshelf ladder for every book lover needs to have. We know very well everyone’s stepping up trough life’s journey.

Climbing up the chair to steal chocolate, riding bicycle to overcome a hill, or why not going up on non-ending steps to reach the building called Torre degli Asinelli in Bologna or the most beautiful winding staircase in Italy, inside the Musei Vaticani in Rome. We call it undisputed passion for uprightness, and this is the priority for our job. Fgm Scale likes doing things carefully in order to make you live happier. Reason why, constant searching for quality is the first rule to create unforgettable product.

Our artistic manufacturing process twins traditional craftsmanship. We have our secrets to keep. Our loft ladder help you to visualize crossing points of existential space turning into a better living environment. The Fgm loft ladder converts the space into the ideal place to live, work or simply to seek refuge. Our loft ladders look to a contemporary style through on the edge design by means of strong and current materials like steel.

Visit our website. Take the chance to browse and to imagine yourself climbing up and down the stairs, you will find the right choice for you!



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