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We cannot deny, we all belong to the colours of our national flag. In other words, I challenge anyone who has never be moved by looking at those colours Italian people carrying in the heart. Those colours are bond to our country, highlighting productivity of our beloved country. For Italian entrepreneurs that feeling of affection has become deeper in 1999, when, Italian associations as the ‘Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani’ (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers) have decided to protect ‘Made in Italy’ mark and Italian government as well enacted laws preventing it from any falsification.

Working together to defend ‘Made in Italy

2014-10-21-02.58.14-pm-300x178These years we’ve been working hard always being focused on the symbol of excellence Italian made products. Precisely, during the ’80s that typical English expression ‘Made in Italy’ was used by Italian manufacturers as a part of value-added and of Italian products protection processes.

That kind of system was intended to prevent the counterfeit of Italian industrial and handicraft production, targeting the four most worldwide recognized Italian industry sectors: fashion, food, design and mechanics (cars, industrial design, equipments and shipbuilding.

The four ‘A’s: experiencing the Italian excellence

The four ‘A’s are related to the four most important ‘areas’ of Italian industry and handicraft. As a matter of fact, they are: ‘Abbigliamento’ (Fashion); ‘Agroalimentare’ (Food); ‘Arredamento’ (Home Design) and Automobili (Cars).

This kind of idea led Italian products to spread all over the world promoting the recognizable marking of high quality and, obviously, earning profits.

First of all, Italian manufacturing has always been considered as icon of excellence abroad. A great achievement, to tell the truth, certified by high quality of materials, manufacturing supremacy and deep commitment to the best production.

Everything has always been done with great care, especially today, where several players are competing to win the market.

‘Our aim is to offer an innovative product which might make your daily actions easier’

Year by year, FGM Scale has been operating, becoming the leading and established loft ladder company. Our plant is located in Sulmona, a small town into the ‘green heart’ of Italy, the region of Abruzzo. The area is surrounded by natural beauty made of fascinating parks. Actually, our land is pushing us to move forward, but above all, we thank all our customers who kept on supporting us to improve the quality of our ladders. FGM Scale has achieved a remarkable result gaining a leading position in the furniture and building market in Europe.


Today as yesterday, we carry out the mission as a result of what we have learned in manufacturing our products throughout the years.

Our first aim is to ’searching for and offering an innovative product which might make your daily actions easier’ . We would like to offer you a useful loft ladder that is also safe and guaranteed.

To tell the truth, we want to provide you a product which meet all your needs. FGM ladders conceives only high quality products examining any detail. Precisely, details will help you to make your house much more mysterious and pleasant. All of your friends will be astonished.

Our idea is ’searching for new things, welcoming different elements’. Being original could be a child’s game. All we need is investigating very carefully and finding the proper element which can be matched to your favourite living surrounding.

Simple rule to be followed: looking for something which combines with the furniture and better reflects your soul.


Made in Italy protected by law

Getting the small ‘Italian flag’ logo on products means that ‘the product has to be conceived, designed and made in Italy’. This is what the Amends Legislation on the Protection of ‘Made in Italy’ marking, issued in 2009, (Law Decree No135 September 25th, 2009 – Chamber of Deputies, Italy) says about it.

The law is aimed at strengthening the ‘Made in Italy’ brand, therefore, only products which are totally manufactured in Italy can get the followings marks ‘Made in Italy’, ‘100% Made in Italy’,’ 100% Italia, ‘tutto italiano’, used by any kind of expression, with or without the small ‘Italian flag’ logo. Made in Italy mark has become the most important tool of Italian exports abroad. Moreover, it got so worldwide spread to be considered itself a business category.

This is the reason why FGM ladders, chose not to relocate their production. The company only manufactured products in Italy, precisely in the region of Abruzzo, where the high sense of quality and authenticity is still powerful.

Promoting your ideas

Our experts are leading studies on evolution market in order to find what you want, in terms of comfort and highest quality. We take care of everything as we like listening to your needs.

We just want to promote your ideas. There’s such a feeling of satisfaction to be interacting with you, our customers, as executive part of the company. This is the reason why we get so proud to read your comments on our blog. They are really useful to us, but above all, they help to improve our manufacturing process in order to give you a cutting edge products.

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