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Our company philosophy is grounded in loft ladders manufacturing process providing the ultimate in safety.

The company follows the principles of a unique production system always keeping alive the “traditional craftsmanship”. As a matter of fact, FGM Scale is a company relying on few people. They are engineersexperts and highly trained workforce whose expertise is handed down from one generation to another. Reason why, at the moment, we are one of loft ladders top company. Our plant is located in Sulmona a small town located in the centre of Italy: a non stop working model based on continuous product research aimed at fulfilling customers and market demand. The FGM Scale’s attention to detail is confirmed by the fact that all products are in compliance with requested European legislation and standards. In addition, our Made in Italy lineup has been holding leadership position in the market. Our professionalism embraces past experience and innovative thinking.

Competent professional service to our customers



Company proficiency is aimed at suiting your needs in the quickest and most effective way without compromising the quality of product. Our goal is to make sure all requests are captured and then managed to completion. A manufacturing process able to offer tailor-made solution you have been looking for. Staff members are here to help you find the best product at unbeatable price. They are part of our business system which consists of easy operations: firstly we receive the order via email, then we can start with its processing. Furthermore, it is important to stress that every assembled item is being individually supervised in order to comply all safety requirements.

FGM Scale 2015-03-10-06.04.03-pm-300x169conceptual system design

Let’s talk about frame manufacturing and panel installing; optional accessories are available to complement the product you want. If you don’t want any accessories, then you might need the basic model of your loft ladder. Getting a new look will absolutely the clever solution especially for domestic environments. We are on the edge design company. We supply array of the most innovative options you can catch in the market. Market and customers give us that bounce we have been looking for to give the best as we can. Once you placed your order, it will be processed in 24 hours and we will provide you in advance the tracking number . After that, the item will be given to courier who will get you straight to your home.

foto002-200x300Assembling our loft ladders is a trifle

A product that is easy to set up; nor assembly costs neither special skills are required. You will easily make it functional. No time wasted assembling various components. Our experts have been involved in the project in order to give you the easiest design experience. Don’t be afraid to get a new take on an old style and jump virtually into our company. We are ready to show you how we daily work.

Products are efficiently assembled in order to give you high quality products. Our customer service will actually answer to all your requests. Get the chance to buy our products online, also don’t forget we support you with anything you need. We know how critical getting timely help can be, but we are proud to tell you we are at your service.





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