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It’s not easy to take that first step when you start a home decorating, especially for a small dimensions house. Some people are able to optimise spaces without any expert intervention thanks to intuitive skills or just for pleasure purposes. However, most of times it is necessary to consider expert advice when upsizing your interior living. In this post, you will learn quickly how to furnish a studio flat: decorating tips don’t get much easier than this when creating the ideal house.

What you need to know before a makeover is that every cm of surface area is usable, reason why drafting the right layout will help you to make the most out of even the tiniest space. We advice you to get inspiration by hotel suites where every square metre of space is fully exploited while keeping taste for design.

First rule to follow: figuring out flat map

Starting point to get it right is to visualize the shape of the flat. Only by keeping in mind the view of your house you can achieve the best results avoiding any mistakes.  parete-pantografo2-212x300

First workable solution

When approaching home remodeling, determine what type of environment you want. Needless to say, this is a very important decision to make, as it will significantly transform the way you will live. You need to have the environment reflecting your personality, something which is relaxing and cozy surrounding you. After that, you can finally decide whether you can move the kitchen or considering the possibility to add built in wardrobes sitting in recesses. Then, in case of studio flat rearranging, we remind you to maximize heights.

 Spaces defining

Studio flat is the utmost house with a lack of space, and it is currently the favourite choice of singles. Don’t be daunted by rethinking spaces looking at details. Your living surrounding will satisfy your needs. Trust us! You just need small tricks, to circumscribe the spaces in order to arrange different environments. For instance, you can install a bookshelf splitting one room into two. Or just hanging rough linen curtains to break up a large space. If you place both of them in the centre or in the corner of a room you can stylishly put a partition in your place. No doubt, first solution will play double function: dividing and storing your books. Second one, they will mirror your personal taste.

Hall rethinking

Why don’t you think about mounting your kitchen along the hall or fitting it inside recess? Certainly, assembling a kitchen inside the hall may take up space, however shaping a recess will allow you gaining more space inside dining  room. Studio apartments are normally used as open space rea. Nonetheless, the solutions we provided are to be intended for flats with no heights.

How to exploit heights fullydivisorio-curvo1-300x200

High ceiling could be the optimal solution in order to arrange a new bedroom.  At the moment, tall walls flats house is the ultimate glamour choice. In addition, our loft ladders will help you out in your extension projects. Try to imagine the comfort you will enjoy by opening your loft ladder only when you really need it. The “AutoAttic Vip” version manufactured exclusively inside our plants, can be equipped with Led panel or more you can opt for different colours according to needs. Tone on tone colouring to enhance your surrounding or giving a color contrast effect. However, if your ceiling heights are not tall enough to realistically do a mezzanine you can always make your closet or your bookshelf bigger.

Planning your home interior design

I strongly believe, when digging into your own interior layout plan, you have to follow your instict and put it in there. Surely, I recommend first to take into account the area where you are going to live: town, seasight or mountains place. It will give that extra oomph you need.

urban_main_NEW1-e14072549288321-300x200Town living

Bright colours and trasparent surfaces will fit your studio flat furnishing. Also mirrors layers making your interior living seem larger will be the right touch, achieving that ‘trompe l’oeil’ impact. Interior environment wouldn’t look cleaner and fresher with shades of white and pastel painting. Even getting a table could be a business. See a total white or a transparent layer in your mind. Or more, you can plan your sweet dreams bed, thinking about two bed options: storage bed or sofa bed. The choice is in your hands! In addition, getting a wider bean-bag could be to get loads of space.

Seasight housewhite-5-l-300x300

I will suggest white and blue lozenge wall paper. This is what they call the typical ‘marine style’. Going deeper, adding a sand colour curtain will split up night zone of your house from  living one.  At this point, you can place a white couch and a light blue carpet. In the end, a small terrace will complement your home. This is what a dream homestead should look like. Doubtless, the living space you can enjoy maximum relax and refinement. I’ve always imagined a home like this one. Try to view a rudder shape mirror, a lighthouse and a net full of shells, sea horses, all placed behind your sofa.

monolocale-di-montagna-rimodernato-300x208Mountains house place

Easy step. Tyrol rules! Nothing more to say. Mountais refuge  would be the truly unique for its style, despite its darker chromatics. It doesn’t matter, different style and countries deserve respect.








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