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Daily routine is changing, making time for ourselves hard to find. Reason why internet has become the quickest way to get the best product at lowest price. In other words, we are looking for a discreet tool that is as well easy to install.

Loft ladder for DYI installation

Let’s focus on our Loft Ladder. The product has clearly the advantage of easy set-up. Nothing will be easier than installing it. You won’t need any expert help, so don’t be afraid to do it on your own.

Everything has become easier and quicker. Just find little time for yourself and in one day you can make it. All of this brings you back to our e-commerce concept leaning on practicality and quickness, given the high quality of product, which has been carefully assessed.

Product assembly does not leave anything to chance. Quality of things improve day by day and product prices get lower. You can make your purchase online and your house will be worth more by getting the best product. The real revolution of your house place will make you learn new emotions. A vision, which can be compared with Ikea strategy.

Ikea Living Room

Ikea Living Room

Everything has started with Ikea

Swedish multinational furniture company was the first one to launch this innovative idea. The core value Northern brand is founded on is that they can still provide valuable products despite lower price.

Getting a DYI quick installation product or better a folding ladder which is already installed prove to be the perfect matching half with cost savings model. Storage time is over we finally look ahead.

Manufacturing process takes few hours. Our product will meet all your needs. What we do is offering the best we can achieve. Find the convenient world stepping into luxury environment and do not waste your energy.

motorized-loft ladder-autoattic-212x300Fgm Scale strategy vision is making daily life better to the highest number of people. We are facing Italian and European market achieving extraordinary results. We do not fear potential failure that we could experience by venturing. Those who have a nose for business and hit the target inspire us.

Look at Ikea strategy. Company took over the market by developing new ideas. Their powerful ideas have shaken up the market. The only trouble is pressure they put on customers. However, we cannot deny Ikea store gives you good reason to look around on Sunday with your family, spending time, lunching out and doing some shopping.

Once you go back home you start assembling pieces of furniture you always needed it, and you feel your patience tested. Levels, fitters, pile of screws and too much dust. Waiting the end of a tiring day hoovering the floor and tidying up. Therefore, you spend the day doing everything except from resting.

IMG_0938-300x171FGM Scale mission

Company mission is shaking the market by letting them know how we do business. The only goal we pursue is effectively suiting customers’ needs straight away. Thus, we work at our best and in the easiest way.
An efficient method always keeping an eye on cost. Each company unit plays a very crucial role on setting low prices we offer to our customers. These years we fully embraced home, family, benefits and value for money.

As we mentioned before, selling is not our priority but rather offering you a high quality product, which makes up proud of what we do. We do it, as we believe we can make a difference. The difference is, it is the quick solution to your stress, as it does not involve any effort to buy it. Product price is for any budget, loft ladder is installed and ready to be used.

4-198x300We look at things differently

One day, an FGM product developer decided to change traditional concertina ladder into a firm and contemporary loft ladder. A solution made of steel material bringing many benefits to new types of house places especially for small places. Customising panel gives extra choice to customers.

Tested in-depth

All products are certified. Long-lasting products with heavy load capacity. Our range of loft ladders includes manual and motorized versions. Click on remote and you can unlock or lock your loft ladder wherever you need it. You will find your tool keeps on silently operating without any effort even after several operations. It will be your life soulmate, providing high performance and heavy work endurance. Day by day. Year after year.

Products designed for children

Loft ladders we manufacture fit special needs of kids. You can combine different components in order to set up your piece of furniture. It is an easy set up system, easy to adapt and easy to upgrade according requests. Kids can climb up or down the ladder without getting any injuries.

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