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Today, loft ladder installation is the minimally-invasive and easy method you could ever imagine. They come pre-assembled and the hook-on won’t require too much effort. In order to place the Fgm Loft Ladders, you just need to read the instructions which are available in four languages. Before you start installing, a hatch, a flap or something similar to link the ground floor to loft, mezzanine, wall or to a terrace or garret are indispensable.

So, if you are looking for a convenient and fast way to gain access to upper floors of your homestead, without carrying out concrete or cement works (making noise and dust) or coughing up the money, loft ladders arranging will be the workable solution suiting your needs. Comparing with past, time evolution is leading us to see different things. Present-day, a loft ladder symbolizes comfort and good taste for “young” flats, that is the slang word for new styles flats.


Pull down pole for easier opening and closing

First loft ladder version offers you the assist pole making loft ladder locking and unlocking easier. You just have to hook the ladder into the hatch and pulling it down to reach the upper floor. As an alternative you can simply close the loft ladder turning the space into empty usable one. Obviously, manual mezzanine ladder can be operated only from the floor below.

Second loft ladder is an motorized model and it will shake up your daily routine. Press the button and you get your loft ladder to work. The hatch will open, enabling to extend or to fold the ladder. Easy steps controlled by distance remote, even though you are laying on the couch. Automatized tool shutting and unshutting will become the game you’ve ever dreamed of; besides don’t panic in the event of power failure.

You might ask yourself: why not??? Because the “AutoAttic Vip ” is here to give you the help you need thanks to back-up battery which will ensure 30 cycles of opening and closing. Moreover, optional led lights fitting for panel are available in case of emergency, otherwise they can be handy as courtesy lights during the ladder motion. You can discover their versatility, as they turn into interior design lamps. You just need to click simultaneously the two buttons of remote in order to replace that old chandelier.


Loft ladder installation guideline

Before following the procedure to install a loft ladder, it is strictly necessary to focus on the exact model which best fits your needs. Good reason to take a look on our website spotting the loft ladder you like and figure out its suitability.

Needless to say, you firstly have to carry out measurements of loft. Frame width and length plus contingent internal measurements of distances is what you need. Just to give you an example: “getting the distance between the ceiling and the loft floor, namely floor to ceiling height. Measuring up the height available to fit in the loft ladder and assessing the wall solidity or the ceiling thickness. As well, checking for space in order to allow proper opening of ladder” without obstructive objects or collisions. 

Nonetheless, to solve lack of space issue, you can appeal to custom models. Once you have installed the loft ladders, they won’t need any periodical maintenance works. We deliver our competence in order to support you both during purchasing and assembling stages. However, we believe it will be extremely easy. Always think about buying Ikea piece of furniture and then setting it up, you will soon realize it is such a hustle and such a waste of screws. Our loft ladders will be pre-assembled delivered therefore nothing will come easier than installing them.


Now it’s your turn to choose what loft ladder model you belong to!



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