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Everybody’s dream is home decorating making use of latest design bits. However,when you start interior makeover you have to face with the burden of costs. A smart way to decorate your home with taste is creative recycling. When it comes time to home deco, take the chance to save money combining creativity and imagination within sustainable approach.

Did you find yourself moving into a bigger house? I can imagine that feeling of emptiness when you don’t have enough pieces of furniture in order to decorate rooms into your new house.

Just think over it for a while: white walls surrounding you and few bits of furnitures make you feel like living in a museum. But, suddenly creativity comes up, and dissatisfaction is replaced by sense of optimism. You can finally focus on multiple possibilities offered by plain layout. You might ask yourself, how to enhance your interior without breaking the bank? Easy question. You need flair, creativity and creative recycling.

5 ideas to decorate your house on the cheap

colori acquerello e pennelli

Generally speaking, house moving left you broke with tight budget to renovate refurbishment. It’s time to find solutions to make your house cozier without spending a fortune.

This article will show you some interesting solutions, that won’t cause you any trouble to implement (forget about couches made out of old books! Nevertheless you can always do it, but it’s not that easy as you might think!). All you have to do is identifying materials for recovery so you will finally create accessories, pieces of furniture and bits decor.

There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing new life to discarded objects: you help saving the enviroment while saving your money; plus it will give a unique touch to your house preventing you from disposal of waste.      

Now it’s your turn. Do you need pieces of furniture, accessories or ideas for your garden?

Wood pallets provide the ideal solutions to create real pieces of furniture for your house. Indeed, you can take inspiration from tons of ideas. Nevertheless, here’s to you the right idea that will actually work.

#1 Fancy a leather couch? Just make it out of pallets

divano in pallet

Your living room deserves a new couch, doesn’t it? If you need to create a couch made out of pallets, we remind you new types of pallets will cost you around 14 and 20 euros. Recycled ones cost between 3 and 6 euros, according to size and terms of sales. I suggest you to get used pallets as you will need to sand and paint them.

This is your supply list:

  • at least 3 wood pallets; otherwise get 5 (two more smaller pallets) for a sofa with arms equipped. Just to remind you, average standard size is 80×120 cm.
  • Acrylic paint jar; purchase the colour best matching your living surrounding and pieces of furniture.
  • Nail pincers; ideal for pulling nails from wood surface
  • Water and ammonia, to get your pallets cleaned
  • Sandpaper 100-180
  • Waterproof paint (best recommended for outdoor living spaces)

How to create a couch from wooden pallets

come costruire un divano con i bancali

First of all, clean your pallets by pulling any nails or bits being stuck in wooden pallet; after that, get all of them cleaned and satinized with water and ammonia solution. Wait until they are totally dry, then polish wooden surface with sandpaper looking carefully for splinters and rough surfaces. You’re entering a very important stage, (no seriously, that’s not funny) in order to design your couch properly. Flawed design will look much worse than you expected.

Did you pick the right colour for painting your couch? Not yet? I will give you some advice: choose neutral shades for indoors living, such as white, sand or wood colours. Coloured and cheerful cushions will make your recycled piece undoubtedly eccentric.

Now, we move into painting stage; opt for acrylic paint, instead of watercolour one which releases harmful substances. Paint it twice, until it will be completely covered.

Make use of a pair of self-tapping screw or alternatively male female screw fastener; just horizontally join 2 pallets turning it into a seat. At this point, you have to set one more pallet, in order to get the seatback done.

PS→ Have you been asking yourself how to make your couch fully equipped? You just need to put two more smaller pallets on both sides of your couch and it will look cozier than ever. Et voilà on y va.

Right away, it’s your turn to make your couch unique by choosing new couch cushions. Take up two large cushions and get a burst of creativity by picking more coloured cushions for the seatback. To make your pallet couch brand new just attach wheels. You will surely obtain an urban outfit.

#2 Do it yourself bookcase

Libreria con cassette di legno

Fine, you have already your couch. You know, there’s something else you need and it is a custom, original bookcase, isn’t it? Your wish has been granted. To get your bookcase done you can still recycle some wooden fruit crates. Make your trusted greengrocer your best ally and crate your DIY bookcase. You will need:

  • wooden crates
  • water and ammonia
  • sandpaper 100-180
  • acrylic paint jar
  • wall tiles
  • level

#3 How to make a bookcase out of wooden crates

riuso e riciclo cassette di legno

Installation procedure is more or less the same when working with pallets. You need to wash, clean and polish each crate. For each crate paint two layers of water acrylic varnish.

At this stage, you will have coloured crates at your disposal to decorate your house walls smartly for a more astonishing effect. What you need is a level to place wall tiles at right distance and height. Once you decided the portion of the wall to cover, take up a drill and be precise just a little bit. After that, you can hang wooden fruits cases on the walls by hooking them with wall tiles. I suggest you to use 3 wall tiles for each wooden crate.

Bear in mind:

  • just mix different colours of crates for a patchwork effect
  • arrange crates both horizontally and vertically and play with shapes 

Now you just have to work it.

#4 Any ideas for the garden?Just build a bench with perforated bricks

realizzare una panchina con i mattoni

Do you have a garden and you want to renovate it?I tell you a secret: you need perforated bricks. You won’t believe it, but you can just use them to set up a nice bench. 

This is your supply list:

  • 12 perforated gray bricks, with two square holes each brick
  • 4 wood boards with square base of proper thickness in order to enter holes. Regarding length, I suggest you to go over 2 or 2,5 metres, in order to comfortably lay on it. Take into consideration that these wood boards will extend over the edge of the seat providing steadiness to it
  • concrete, to get the bricks joined
  • acrylic paint and water, to be used to paint bricks of whatever colour you have in your mind
  • oil based paint for wood and transparent painting, preventing material from damages due to weather elements.

Once you made up your mind with colours you will paint gray bricks, make use of brush and paint. Once they got dried, put two pairs of bricks on top of one another at a distance of about two metres. pour some concrete in between bricks. Before placing wood boards, you need to apply the oil based paint for wood and after that paint it by transparent painting. 

At this stage wait until it gets dried and place four wood boards into holes, in order to make sure edges don’t go over 15 cm on both sides.

PS→Would you like to add one more seatback? Just lay one more perforated brick on two pairs of bricks previously placed, and insert two more wooden boards into two holes and game on.

#5 Old drawers for home makeover

cassetti come fioriere

If you need something that changes and refreshes your interior deco, I will show you an idea that will leave you speechless. Just don’t get rid of that small chest of drawers you have into your basement. You may ask yourself why? Drawers belonging to old pieces of furniture are top bits for house walls original decorating. 

I just explain something to you right now: if you make holes on the back of drawers, and you hang them on wall by means of tiles, they will become nice shelves to place stuff on it, or conversely posh flower boxes for your favourite plants.

Logically, you need to encase the drawer with plastic sheet, preventing wood humidity damages. Otherwise, you can put it inside flowerpot, together with plant pot saucer resulting into wood protection.

Recycling and decoring your house all with good taste

I have been showing to you how creative recycling is the best way to decorate your house always with taste and creativity. Anyway, there’s something very important I forgot to ask you: where do you usually store pallets, bricks, wooden crates and drawers? I tell you, storing stuff in your loft is the greatest idea to keep everything tidy, until creativity goes wild. Do you want to add a comfort access to your loft?

Design your loft ladder »

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