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Choose the right paint colour for your walls, and you will add personality to your home.

Exploiting colour palette might be the best way to create the right ambience for any kind of environment. Learn how to make your place stylish and creative by picking the colour which best thrill you. I will be showing you how to give a boost of energy to your interior.

You know that feeling of emptiness when you walk around your house? Yes, that’s right. It’s like something missing. Something giving a vibrant and shaking scent to your home. If you’re looking for it, stop digging your closet; I’m talking about painting your house walls. 

Think it over: colours play a vital role in our daily lives; nobody should ever deprive of adding colours to the interiors and you neither! You might ask yourself, why? I give you the answer. First of all, you just need to rearrange your furniture and use old newspapers. I want you to remind to get paint brushes, washable paint and common paint: they will be your best friends ever. However, bear in mind I won’t be giving you any technical advice. I’m not a professional painter so I would mess up everything. I just want to give you creative ideas when painting your home and how to make the best paint match.

Picking the right wall color

come scegliere il colore adatto alle pareti

There’s not strict rules about walls painting. Although, there’s something to discuss in terms of room’s orientation and dimensions. What makes it work is puttting yourself into it, together with your sense of taste and style. Besides, evaluate your flat design: do those mahogany color walls perfectly match your bamboo green fridge?

Anyway, focus always on planning before picking up a paint brush.

Having clear ideas will stop you wasting time plus you will minimise bad effects of something you haven’t done properly. Taking this for granted, my best advice now is selecting proper colours for each room. Don’t forget also to take into account:

This way, choosing the most suitable paint colour will be a piece of cake.

Colors for your every mood

pitturare le pareti di casa

Here you go. Surely, you heard about or you watched “Inside Out”, especially if you have kids or you love cartoons. Anyway, I don’t want to go through the plot of the story, but just reminding you how each colour has associations with certain feelings: anger, sadness, joy, fear and revulsion. Now I ask you without being so intrusive, what kind of feeling do you want to convey to your home walls? 

Choose white paint only if…

…you feel neutral like Switzerland. Joking aside, white colour perfectly fits any kind of environment. Either you have a house decorated in ethnic style or you opted for a more minimal or modern style, white paint is always the winning choice for you. Clearly, you can play with different shades of white for more original home deco outcomes. Indeed honey, beige, ice are some examples you can take inspiration from.

Paint it grey and make it posh

Whenever it is a study, a dining room or even a bathroom, each room needs to express its design traits. If you want to give a posh touch, grey color is what you’ve been looking for. Yes, you might think grey is a dull color, far from being bright. Try to match it with shiny tinctures like green, orange or yellow. Besides, update your home with ultra modern furniture and wood bits with glass details for a more futuristic design; you will finally turn that old space into one of most fascinating rooms ever.

Yellow, red and orange: a tic-tac-toe palette for your kitchen

No doubt they are sparkling, cheerful and wacky colors; yellow, red and orange match perfectly your kitchen. They will tickle your creativity plus it is a great way to recharge your batteries. Yellow will both suit your bathroom and why not your study. More in particular it will add those vibrancy and warmth effects you’ve always appreciated for your personal care; as well it will dress up your walls helping you to recall focused attention during mental activities. Well, what room would better work for that type of color?

However, don’t overdo it, especially with red color. Just use it carefully when painting few sections of wall. Otherwise, you can opt for it when decoring passageways into your house like hallways, staircases, doors etc.

Paint all blue

Deep blue makes you relax. It is the right pick for your bedroom or living room. Make the most of it by arranging some wood furniture and you will highlight some pieces like a lamp, a consolle or an armchair. Once and for all you will have that room that will put your mind at rest, maybe reading a book or cuddling your heart’s other half.

PS→ When it comes to paint you can always go for different blue shades; for instance, you can choose those light blue or indigo colors.

Summing up

come abbinare i colori di una parete

The journey is almost complete. Before you get your D.I.Y. works started, I would still have a nice gift for you: here’s a short memo about all colors matching their environment; thus you will have a clear picture of what you’re going to do.

  • Entrance and hallway→ bright and shiny colors
  • Living room→ red, orange, yellow and green
  • Kitchen→ yellow, red, orange, white (white color will highlight food colouring)
  • Bedroom→ light blue, blue, green, peach
  • Study→ yellow, green, turquoise (these are colors tickling your brain)
  • Bathroom→ yellow, orange, red

From personality to functionality

Well, we finally got to our destination. I hope I gave you some interesting, creative ideas to actually boost your flat. Just let me know how you dit it. It’s easy, you only need to leave your feedback down here… 😉

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