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Listen to the great sound of a ladder. Loft ladder is like the soul of a house: definitively, the perfect kind of furniture blending living interiors. Loft ladder conveys a new way of stairs climbing, giving you the opportunity of different usages. Clearly, taking into account the factors of culture, places and the way home living is conceived, you can go deep into wide range of uses of a “loft ladder”. Interpreting its name, it comes easily to determine it is such a popular piece of furniture. Italy is well known to be as the number one in loft ladders manufacturing. Everybody knows at moment that loft ladders has a variety of duties going from attics, mezzanines or terraces access but first of all it decorates living surrounding.

Special-effects touch gained from a different perspective of interior. This is one of the reasons, new concept of ‘new IMG_0973-300x214house’ system is spreading among European countries. Just to mention one example, Germany has never experienced loft ladders market until a few years ago. Later they decided to start investing in the loft ladders sector. Loft ladders symbolizes evolution. No surprise when German country became leader in loft ladders retail. Usually, homeowners have to face with various problems.

Namely: “Placing a loft ladder in a small place to gain access to attic or to basement”. Whoever had the chance to visit Germany, wandering through streets of old town or browsing stalls of Christmas markets, couldn’t help seeing quaint buildings with symmetrically arranged wood beams façades imitating the making of lace.

‘Nothing new so far’ somebody might think, recollecting memories of childhood, when imagination running wild through fairy tales pictures, forests huts or old villages. The reason why Munich, rather than Salzburg, is an outstanding example where loft ladders are the ideal solution to make space usable.

Hatch folding ladders

However, German people look further to an exciting future, by saying ‘yes’ to hatch folding ladders market. They believe, this kind of tool embodies something new, comfortable and decorating for house places tending to aesthetics. They do not leave anything to chance and practicality always have to come first. They are people who IMG_0972-300x225respond quickly, so they need objects which are comfortable, easy to operate, but primarily they do not have to take up space.

This is the reason, they are interested in the Italian market. They are very familiar with products, and they can’t deny Made in Italy stands for unrivalled quality. Italian traditional timber frame house got the approval by the Germans witnessing their rich cultural heritage. Once renewed, it keeps its fairy-tale atmosphere unchanged, being suspended between our contemporary age and a timeless dream dimension. We are carried into this magic environment and we can finally see for the first time our loft ladders.

We can call it a revolution in taste and time highlighting how the world has changed. The future starts here. We also would like to focus on the fact that this kind of ladder avoids cold dispersion at wintertime. Consequently, choosing AUTOATTIC-GHOST-VIP3001-212x300this new way of earning space makes much easier to get into difficult-to-reach spaces. This reveals to be a useful information not only for Italy but also for Europe.

Today loft ladders comes in a variety of versions: folding and sliding ones which are called “concertina” model or rigid loft ladders. They differ from each other in height. Once you insert measurements, you need and we provide you a customized model. We usually recommend motorized loft ladder equipped with a remote. They ensure unbeatable safety for children. They are captivating and cutting edge tools. Piece of furniture following home design they are still working in any case even when you experience power cut thanks to backup battery provided by AutoAttic Vip model.

Steel loft ladders made by means of deep moulding technology in order to ensure high capacity load. Any version can be customized by choosing panel texture between chipboard, plywood or lacquered with optional accessories like draught proof and anti-dust seal. Seals can be magnetic offering proper covering and quick removing as AutoAttic Vip version is equipped with invisible panel without holes. Left handrail is available on request. We can install led light on panel; in addition total control unit ensures operation both with keyboard and remote.

Led panel hatch FGM scale makes everything possible on loft ladders. It is a young company relying on new sale system. You can buy our loft ladders online. You have only to choose your favourite version and you can complete the purchase. You just need a little time, only few click to get your item. Once you choose the product, you have to specify measurements, heights and extra optional accessories; then your product will be treated once we get your request. Product processing time is instantaneous as there is no intermediary. Once we get your order, we start manufacturing it in a real time process. It only takes 24 hours and your loft ladder is ready to be delivered straight to your house. No expert support you will need because you will receive pre-assembled product ready to be installed.

Nothing is more comfortable. To sum up, we want to stress that loft ladders are a long-term investment. In fact, compared with the German non-conforming wood ladders, Fgm Scale supplies loft, wall, terrace or mezzanine ladders, all made of steel. They all follow standards approval, UNI EN 14975:2006 certified with kg 260 central tread capacity load.

They ensure stability, noise reduction and long lasting performance. Product and online order safety, you will get your purchase to your preferred delivery address in a few days. Fgm scale company wants to conquer European market offering implementation of product, service, best price and listening guarantee. Forget about signs of wear and tear. First features of our products are power, quickness and efficiency. For this reason, they are to be considered masterpiece of your house place.

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