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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions, please contact us by filling out the form below!

1) What is the minimum recommended size of ceiling hole?

Smallest dimensions for a parallelogram shaped loft ladder is cm 45×70. For a parallelogram shaped wall ladder the smallest size is cm 50×80. Smallest size of a folding terrace ladder is cm 50×90, while smallest conceived dimensions for a parallelogram shaped terrace ladder is cm 50×70. We design cm 60×90 dimensions for both AUTOATTIC version and Terrace ladders. Autoattic Vip Loft and and Terrace ladder have the smallest dimensions of cm 60×90. Smallest version of Folding Loft Ladder is cm 50×90.

2) How to modify the Ladder height?

Firstly, before doing the order, it is recommended to measure floor-to-ceiling height in order to get proper and exact extension. Otherwise, probable change requires mechanical intervention by means of specific tools. Conversely, any adjustments must be done by qualified persons to avoid any serious consequences. Regarding loft ladders with height of more than cm 300 loft ladders, manufacturing needs to be performed at plant premises wherein each ladder will be tested.

3) Do we install retractable ladders in places to do maintenance works?

UNI EN 14975:2010 Certification estimates ramp max load capacity of kg 260 for all our range of products. Anyway, Folding Loft Ladder is suggested guaranteeing more stability and safety to the leisured professionals gaining access to places to do maintenance works.

4) Is it possible to wall loft ladder in ceiling?

Actually, according to law using concrete or drilling the framework is strictly forbidden. A proper ladder installing involves, once it has been leveled, mechanical fastening by means of four brackets; you will find them inside the packaging provided by the manufacturer; in addiction, you will use polyurethane foam being sprayed for ceiling insulation (between ceiling and framework).

5) When setting the ladder up?

We might set the ladder up, once all the works, the flooring above all, are done.

6) Can we fix up the loft ladder outdoors?

All versions of our ladders cannot be installed outdoors, unless the Terrace ladder.

7) How to install correctly a ladder handrail?

First of all we suggest to unfold the ladder, after reading the enclosed instructions leaflet.

8) What does floor-to-ceiling height mean?

Floor-to-ceiling height is defined as the median interval between the top of one floor surface and the underside of next floor surface (ceiling thickness excluded).

9) Do we need qualified persons for installation work?

No, you don’t. Loft ladder is mechanically installed. We just need a level, a cross screwdriver and hexagonal wrenches of different sizes of mm 8, mm 10 and mm 13. In addition, a traditional stepladder should help you to complete the setting up safely. Once the loft ladder is built in the hatch hole, you can finally start to use it.

10) What features should the hatch hole for ladder setting need?

As the sizes shown on the products sections, the hatch hole internal bottom side should be of cm 3 distant from perimeter walls. The hatch hole should correctly fit right angles. Top side of the hatch hole will have four corners available for CEILING MOUNTED SUPPORT to be installed.

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