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Most of times, installing a loft ladder is definitely the most useful way of linking terraces, attics or mezzanines. After giving you a detailed explanation of what a loft ladder is, this blog post will outline and expand on some of considerations involved in loft ladder applications choosing the appropriate type for your project.

Surroundings where a loft ladder is worth taking

Most common places for a loft ladder are attics or garrets. These spaces are suitable in order to allow the vertical tool to be folded away. This kind of operation performed ensures comfort, stability and safety. However, loft ladders need to meet standard requirements of load capacity (UNI EN 14975:2006 certification with max central tread of Kg 260).scala-retrattile-soffitto-212x300Equally important, the product comes in zinc-plating steel free from hexavalent chromium. It can be adapted to any kind of environment, given its possibilities for customising (dimensions and optional accessories). One major reason to buy a loft ladder is that it can be used in multiple environments. Here some of them:

  1. Access from wall
  2. Access to mezzanine
  3. Access to loft
  4. Access to terrace

Get the facts about choosing the loft ladder

We want to help you better understand how to choose the right ladder for you. Firstly, when you get a new ladder, it is important to ask yourself what is the best solution for your needs. Secondly, take measurements of hatch hole, floor to ceiling height and ceiling thickness. You will need them, to get your purchase easily started. So, after you made up your mind on buying a loft ladder, this will be delivered to your house and will be assembled on trapdoor. Take into account that measurements may vary according to user needs. No need to say, the bigger dimensions your trapdoor has, the greater will be its accessibility when climbing up or down.What we call “Safe Ladder”, provides high endurance and firmness keeping its load capacity intact. Beyond any doubt, the high quality product enabling you comfortable use and excellent operation.

Benefits to owning loft ladders

Nothing more to say! A real design inspiration to make your house look stunning.

See the advantages of using a loft ladder:

  • Flexibility: it delivers the ideal solution matching different environments
  • Space-saving: you can roll it away when they’re not needed
  • Cost-effective: loft ladder is the bargain product offering tax cuts of 4% or 10% for companies or private customers.
  • Customization: easily add product customization features to your liking; visit our website and set them up while placing your order.

Wherever you are a professional or a private customer, if you are assessing to buy a loft ladder, we suggest you to find out more about FGM Scale company. We only offer the perfect and customised solution for you





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