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Job uncertainty, unemployment high rates and feeling uncertain about the future, take a lot of time. So one day, you wake up and you are suddenly forty years old without even realizing your life. You’re still wrestling with the mental burden of being dipendent from your parents. You carry on struggling on saving in order to buy a big or a small house or at least a place where you can enjoy your freedom and living life with no costraints. That’s why I would like you to take some suggestions on how to actually save money when you don’t know where to start. This blog post will give you some advice to have a home of your own.

salotto1-650x487-300x225Sometimes you just need some small handy advices to turn your house into top quality spot without pouring money into it. In order to do that, I decided to share with all of you my friend Francesca’s experience.

I still remember first time we met. It was the year 1995 and we were attending a Private Law lecture. So many years have flown until now! We enjoyed together the greatest moments of our lives. It has been so much fun despite so many sacrifices to be made. At that stage of life, we had so many expectations after getting the degree, so many flying dreams leading us through the future planning.

However, all our dreams didn’t come true. When we recollect those days, all we can say is: ” We are generation of losers”. Yes, that is right, nothing went as planned. Nonetheless, after many years we received the good news. Francesca got a job and she finally moved out getting her own houseplace. We celebrated that happy event working out how to save money for the new project always being under budget. Nothing more to say about it, we totally threw ourselves headlong into playing a role we didn’t belong to: the Do-It-Yourself designers. First encouraging result we achieved was that we had we had a lot of fun. To get extra room, we tried to exploit the ceiling height of that flat. Despite the huge potential, to be honest, was not tall enough to create a studio flat. Instead of a permanent wood staircase, we agreed on assembling a loft ladder, the perfect invisible to the eye piece of furniture. It is a comfortable piece of furniture, silver colored equipped with wisteria colour panel (made by the company).

Yeah, you read it right. Wisteria colour is the tint choosen by Francesca to give thatparete-pantografo21-212x300 intense tone to her open spaced kitchen area. A real lively impact for a tiny house. We managed home decoring taking into account pockets. The most exciting adventure was to forage into my nan stuff. While we were busy examining boxes carefully, we found out loads of up-to-date things. However, we were astonished by something in particular. We were going down to the basement and we suddenly noticed a retractable ladder like the one Francesca bought for her new studio flat.

At that moment we realized and we came to a conclusion: “that loft ladder is not that refined and aesthetically pleasing like the ones have been designed today. No doubt, it hasn’t a coloured panel furnished by led lights, but it is actually a lockable ladder which doesn’t steal space. This was a thing I have never thought about before. Now, more than ever, I am sure it is one of those vintage bits which can’t be missed in a house”.

I believe and all of you can confirm, times are changing but fashion trends keep coming back. Out of questions, latest trends do look different in terms of colours and equipments, however they always come back. We started to collect some bits like carpets and mirrors.  We liked the idea to blend modern, which is Francesca’s favourite choice, with antique style. In particular, a golden frame mirror has been recovered and reused as a bathroom mirror. One more mirror has been installed along the hall. Everyone knows, mirrors size up environments making them seem bigger. And more, we put a lamp with an original but very stylish hat lamp. At first look, we thought it was a 70s style hat. Later, we visualised it as a lamp with white dots on fuchsia background.








What a great view! Just think, they are one of the top trends right now. We started cheering: “Come on!”. It is so cool, dedicating oneself to the first house, I prefer saying embellishing the first home. Obects to be employed are home-made so you can enjoy it, as much as you want. And I can prove results are very pleasing.

I can suggest to take the first step in house modeling. In any cases, there might be someone not good at manual skills, or not having the grandmother’s storage or worse dealing with lack of enough money. Thus, don’t be panicky. Ikea store or any other furniture shop will offer you what you need at affordable prices. Everything you wish, but always on trend and with an eye to design.

Reason why, I invite you to take the risk, going the extra mile to your house. Don’t be afraid if you don’t live in a mansion, as even a small flat, if well decorated, can make a real difference. Get inspired by the story of me and my friend Francesca, let your imagination run wild but always let your heart decide because from now this is going to be your houseplace!






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