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Many more people choose a loft ladder when they buy a house or start a home modeling. This kind of piece of furniture will help you to get easy access to attics or other rooms. Clearly, a convenient tool for extra space saving, ensuring a safe climbing to different kind of scenarios.

I’m sure you must be wondering what a loft ladder is and its application.

Loft ladder better explained

scala-elettrica-retrattile-autoattic-212x300Just to give you a picture, a loft ladder provides a fold-up link to be used when needed. It reveals to be the new way of exploiting surroundings without impediments. A real revolution of environment ranging from traditional to modern design. 

The loft ladder is actually suitable for a number of different purposes. Perfectly fitting mezzanines, attics, or outdoors like terraces. Additionally, it is the safety pick for customer or why not for casual user. All certified products reaching, after years, high levels engineering quality. 

Getting through the evolution of loft ladder

The following section will more closely consider the history of loft ladder. During the 6os loft ladders were imported from the Us. They were constructed in wood, however manufacturing process have radically changed over the years. One can’t go on without mentioning they are fold-up version of ladder, an additional feature making them an excellent choice. To put it more simply, you can use them only when you actually need it. Loft ladder should be hooked to the hatch, being cut in a ceiling or in a wall, whose measurements depending on the needs of the user. Above all, two types of ladders are available: pantograph linkage (commonly known as folding ladder) or rigid ladder (made of four sections joining to rungs ladder). Nevertheless, the real innovation of loft ladders is the motorized loft ladder. 

Finally, you can say “goodbye” to the old pull down pole. You will click on remote to easily perform your device while relaxing on the couch. Start right from the beginning the ingenious project has been designed in the town of Sulmona by FGM Scale company in 2013. It involves magnet panel which can be easily removed without specific tools. You must agree with us, when we say it is the unique revolution of construction building ensuring greater safety when climbing. Thus, all possible hazards are banned for adults and especially for kids. What is more important, any performance problem is ready to be solved. The ladder can be inspected from the inside without resorting to tools and offering at the same time more security to the user. You will realise, nothing today has become easier. Over the years, everything has evolved and even loft ladders have made great strides thanks to determination of entrepreneurs who keep on moving innovation forward. Nothing is left to chance providing the best warranty in the market.

The right pick for all pockets

In conclusion, versatility, safety and multiple customisation options make loft ladder the superior choice matching your house planning.Enjoy the advantages of our product not only in terms of space saving but also in budgeting. When buying a loft ladder, whenever you are a company or a private customer, you will literally benefit from tax deductions around 4% or 10%.




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