Guarantee and Customer Care

Garanzia e assistenza FGM
    1. FGM Scale products available for sale on our website are duff, high standard levels and not second-handed.


    1. Each item has technical illustration and / or drawings respectively. Images definition might be deferred by web browser and/or your pc screen.


    1. Items and services pricing might be updated. Always make sure to check this out before doing an order. Possible mismatches are not to be taken into account, unless what is shown on company’s website


    1. Items being displayed for our expo and/or fair trades might be available on special price. FGM Scale will take care of products’ technical illustration with possible deals.


    1. In case of Withdrawal, FGM Scale might refuse to accept returns of adulterated that is, products failing to meet qualitative and features standard, or damaged products.


    1. FGM Scale consumer’s product return form, (previously agreed by the company), will be joining contingent returns.


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