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As we have already mentioned on our website, fold-up ladder is the ideal solution to be fitted in any scenario, whether interior living or work site. Anyway, let’s take a look more closely at this guide and discover all secrets to orient yourself in the jungle of variety of loft ladders.

Helping you choose the right loft ladder

Picking the right type of loft ladder can be confusing. However, buying a loft ladder depends on the intended use, whatever private or projectwise. Loft ladders are designed to get to building or existing levels. So firstly, you have to identify the spot you’d like to reach inside your houseplace.   Obviously, location of hatch hole will determine the type of loft ladder to be performed.

Hatch hole access

Motorized AutoAttic Vip loft ladder

Motorized AutoAttic Vip loft ladder

In case you have a hatch hole, loft ladder is the best solution to gain access to other compartment; alternatively, terrace ladder can serve a wide variety of purposes like getting to external work sites or to solar panels and terrace inspecting.

Anyway, two versions of loft ladders are available: concertina ladder or folding ladder.

Folding ladder is the recommended choice both for ceiling heights taller than H350 cm and for utility rooms inspection. In other words, folding ladder is the suitable tool to reach garrets or attics with less effort ensuring at the same time the inspection of the most hidden places (think about when you have to store your ski equipment or your christmas tree). Besides, European certification testifies high level of safety procedures because our loft ladder is built from steel, an unquestionable testimony to its sturdiness.

Notwithstanding, if you want to make the most out of your premises, for instance converting them into a bedroom or into a office, AutoAttic and Autoattic Vip versions are the most effective answers. As a matter of fact, unlike manual ladders, you could benefit from the use of a motorized loft ladder allowing operator controlled motion both from upper and lower floors. Loft ladder is always there when you need it, complementing your living design as its frame is built in the ceiling or into the wall; furthermore closing wood panel leans against the wall becoming hidden in the environment. After all, just to make your purchase easier and faster we would like to make you a question:

Loft space converting: bedroom, office, storage or utility room?

In other words, what use do you want to make of your attic? According to applications, here’s all alternatives solutions should be explored to accessing your space.

  1. if you’re looking to turn it into a bedroom, we suggest you to get the motorized AutoAttic;
  2. buy a pantograph ladder or a folding ladder and place it for a secure entrance to your storage;
  3. to make your headspace conversion worthwile get an attic ladder ensuring more solidity to professional workers reaching utility room;

If you desire the ultimate of comfort to scan your solar panels, you just need to click on remote and your motorized ladder will come down or up whenever you want.

Otherwise, if you climb higher and what you need is a loft ladder taller than H350 version, you can only take the folding ladder whether loft or terrace model.

Gaining access through a wall hole

Wall ladder

Wall ladder

The solution is in your hands even though you have to reach a wall hole. Get rid of your outmoded ladder and start using wall retractable ladders . They are made of steel material ensuring great safety levels.

Get customisation chances of dimensions and accessories.

Features of loft ladder matching any kind of environment

Right choice for purposes is the fully-equipped loft ladder; get a load as follow:

  • multilayered wood panel 
  • double handrail supporting you with maximum safety
  •  windstop seal

It is also worth noting that choice is entirely up to the customer, nevertheless, we remind you for selection which differs from standards, the only version available will be the folding ladder.

Fgm Scale company is here to give you best advice; :

  • motorized ladder
  • steel built material
  • remote
  • backup battery (still working when the power goes out)

Spotted solution minimising hazards to ensure users are cared for in a safe climbing, providing likewise a keen eye for detail as revealed by AutoAttic Vip model .

Understanding benefits produced by the FGM Scale AutoAttic Vip loft ladder

Overall, we remind you, you just need to push to the remote and loft ladder will automatically unlock and lock. The device will perform both from lower and upper levels. It is also equipped with noise free engine, thus not needing of specific maintenance works. All achieved inside our plant, products are made from high quality raw materials, guaranteeing environment responsibility and high technology manufacturing.

Leading sector company owning all certifications in order to make our customers feeling cosy (please check out our Relax Philosophy). In other words, our job is not only to manufacture and sell finished product but especially to meet customer satisfaction. We can say we have definitely stepped fore. It’s about time to live safely and quietly. Forget about tough entrances: loft ladder give you the opportunity to step effortless into environments.

Tips to get it right

Motorized AutoAttic Vip terrace ladder

Motorized AutoAttic Vip terrace ladder

To sum up:

  • Loft ladders can be installed only on levelled ceilings; slanting surfaces are left out. If you have a wall hole, you can only get a wall ladder.
  • Attic or Folding ladders are available. We provide motorized ladders, despite wall ladder can only be manual or folding one.
  • You can view motorized ladders inside FGM Scale catalogue. Two versions are available: AutoAttic powered by electricity and AutoAttic Vip Loft Ladder or AutoAttic Vip terrace Ladder still performing even in case of power blackout as equipped with back up battery.

Now it’s your turn to pick the ladder best suiting yor needs! We also remind you:

  •  set up and buy FGM scale loft ladders range on our website
  • If you need more technical details, you will find more about it on our technical files record




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