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Lifts are mechanisms used to quickly reach higher levels of a building. However, they cannot only be installed into apartment blocks or higher buildings; they also perfectly fit multistorey houses. This blog article will give you all what you need to know about internal elevators from different typologies to safety rules in accordance (and not) with regulations.

When you think about an elevator, flat won’t be the first image coming into your mind, that’s for sure. Yet, internal elevators are the perfect solution to make house activities easier…especially when the house develops vertically.

Think over it. When space shortage won’t allow you to boost your homeplace, just look up and make some changes. Over the years I’ve seen so many detached houses with “not enough horizontal spacing, so I’m asking you why don’t you exploit vertical space?”This means building multistorey house and making it your dreams living space best suiting family members needs.

After being moved by such touching picture, thing you must be interested is getting to know the different types of internal lifts. I will be here to help you figure things out and select what kind of lift is adequate for your house. Now all you have to do is to read through the article.

Internal elevator selection: finding the right lift for your home

Before making a purchase you have to be acquainted with the item you’re going to get. That’s the rule you should always follow. Even when you have to buy a lift, being aware of operating procedures for different models of lift available on the market can make the difference.

Here’s, just a quick recap of the most popular types of internal elevator.

  • Roped elevator (electric lift)
  • Pump motor elevator (hydraulic elevator)
  • MRL (machine room less) Elevator
  • Panoramic Elevator

More specifically, I will give you every single detail for any type, making a list of pros and cons to consider.

Internal wire Roped Elevator

ascensore elettrico per interni

Roped elevators or more commonly electric elevator, are particularly suitable for blocks, administrative offices, hospitals or shopping centers. Here’s the thing, this type of elevator performs perfectly their task in terms of rapidity. 

This happens because it is provided with electric motor which allows high speed running. Moreover, all running speed parameters are managed by peculiar equipment (known as inverter)which is usually installed on this type of elevator.

One more interesting thing to know is to check the space available for the motor system. During the project design stage make sure you locate the motor (and the command)to the edge of the elevator shaft.

If you are looking for a more traditional and faster design solution, electric elevators are undoubtedly the right for you. I tell you though, price of this movable control surface will be quite high. So, why don’t we have a look at option B?

Pump motor elevator

ascensore per interni lussuoso

Second but still good choice is opting for hydraulic elevators. They are provided with a motor pumping oil into the cylinder to move the piston. You might not know this typology of machine because of its unusual name, nevertheless it is the most popular type of elevator in Italy. Main success factor are in terms of more affordable installation and maintenance costs than the “electric” type.

Same thing as electric model, design stage requires attention to the space available for oil filled junction box and for command too. However, command shouldn’t be located to the edge of elevator shaft but right next to the elevator or alternatively as suits you better.

Are you wondering about negative side of hydraulic elevator? Low speed. 

Internal MRL Elevators

ascensore per interni mrl

Third type of elevator I would like to suggest you is the workable solution for people who want to optimise square-meters of usable house space. When house space becomes a little tight, take into account what I’m going to tell you next.

MRL Elevators (the acronym of machine room less) are designed without machine room for space saving. moreover, installation and maintenance costs are actually very low. The only aspects you have to bear in mind are the command positioning (usually located on the highest floor) and proper load hooks to be arranged into the ceiling.

Internal Panoramic Elevators

ascensore panoramico per interni

If you fancy giving your house the allure it needs, I’m sure you’ll love this last tip I want to show you. Have you ever heard of panoramic elevators? Generally, they are most used to brighten up shopping centers and why not, to make hotels and places more exclusive.

Beyond just aesthetics, this kind of elevator is the perfect solution when space is a serious matter, and there’s no way to make extra space in your house. When installing a traditional elevator is a real trouble or more simply you just dream of crystal walls and doors don’t wait too long.

Safety guidelines and regulations

operai riparano un ascensore

After having discovered different typologies of elevators, you should look at some bureaucratic procedures preventing you from inconveniences.

For example, during installation process technician should provide you a certification of conformity and customer service number in case you need assistance. Furthermore, proper maintenance is due at least every year. Clearly, company being on charge with elevator setup should take care of it.

Lastly, here’s some “rules” pertaining to safety, you should better know:

  • no system wires or pipes shouldn’t be inside elevator cabin; indeed, a protective structure should be built against possible damages to the device.
  • if there’s one only machine room, you should think of gaining enough space to allow maintenance (inspection) works to authorized staff
  • machine room should be equipped with manual switch in the event of unexpected block
  • cabin should be insulated from machine room by means of blind walls
  • if you choosed a fully closed shaft, make sure a lightning system meeting legal requirements has been installed

As you can read yourself, if you want to give your house those hints of comfort, luxury and practicality you need to clear your mind and above all plan the entire design works with an expert in the field. Saving money just means to do a bad job, and more worse than that, building a system not compliant to standards. Have you ever thought of results? That’s easy, possible incidents and high fines.

What’s your type of elevator?

After taking this analysis about different types of elevators, regulations and planning I hope you cleared your mind and you have all information you need to make the right choice.

In addition, I remind you that to gain access to motor compartment you might need an inspection hatch which is usually installed on the highest floor (this will be also getaway for firemen). To get access to hatch you can just use a loft ladder… And guess what, you are in the right place.

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