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Fancy turning your terrace into a dream place? Trust me, this won’t cause you any trouble.
Imagination, creativity and a few rules are the things you should always keep in mind. Anyway, decorating a terrace has become possible, without even spending a fortune. You just need to use what you have or getting cheaper items and you won’t be broke anymore (or almost).

The terrace conveys the idea of stress relief for any kind of household. A place where you can spend quality time and chill out with your beloved ones maybe drinking by the pool. Get inspired by some of the ideas you will find in this blog post, and you will embellish your terrace in the most original and low-cost way; you will have your corner of paradise before you even realise.

Intended use

Before getting deeply focused on the subject, I’d rather say something about it. First of all, I’m sure you won’t need any advice in terms of terrace makeover. (Maybe) you have to clear your mind on something else, and you know what? The intended use of your outdoor space. Would you like to create a barbecue area? Or why not, do you want to design a theme park and make it a reality for your kids? Do you want to remind your soulmate how much your love means to you by simply giving a touch of romance?
Fine, the first step in decorating is having clear ideas in your head. Definitively, you will make the most out of a terrace, your terrace.

Surely, a living surrounding can change according to furniture layout, colour choice and light sources. Just make a sketch or better make an outline by giving a touch of immagination and creativity.

Craving a romantic zone? Dress it up with pallets and cushions

romantic terrace

When your spaces may be shrinking, just transform your terrace into a place where you can taste fine wine with the one who stole your heart. Try to visualize it in your mind :

• a short table, made from pallets, all shaken up and painted with carmine
• small pallet sofas – adorned with white cushions
• a wine bottle and two crystal glasses
• fruits basket and your love song
• a rocking chair where you can both relax

So, as you can see these are all the bits you can bring to your terrace. If you have a limited budget – pick up some pallets from a warehouse for example. There’s nothing better than getting moved and enjoying moments of real romance with your soulmate. Pure framed moments.

Making your terrace feel more relaxing

how to renovate a terrace

Fine, you want to enjoy an intimate space. Nevertheless, you can always entertain your friends or chill out in the sun by simply remodelling your terrace and making it more people-friendly. You will finally have your open-air living room, maybe grilling on your new barbecue. Or why not, just make screaming cocktail from your brand new counter made of wooden fruit cases. All around, being embellished with rows of plants which add a sense of depth to your surrounding. Beyond that they will give outburst of colour, joy and personality. Things you didn’t know until now.

Place some deco pieces like rocking chair, hammack, carpets and cushions and you will absolutely revamp your terrace. Your personal relax corner will become real.

The same way, you can still delight in your terrace even though you like being on your own. Have you ever thought about growing your own kitchen garden with spices, vegetables and seasonal flowers? In this case as well, you won’t need that much: just put a flower box, a water tank, expanded clay and some topsoil. No doubt, you will match few plants with them. More specifically, I would suggest you five species to grow, for which you won’t need to get a degree in Agriculture:

• Lettuce
• Basil
• Parsley
• Strawberries
• Tomatoes

Last advice I would like to give to you is planning an efficient growing system. If you lack of space, you can always exploit space by thinking vertical. Vertical approach will be revealing your best ally in terms of optimising spaces. Adopting climbing plants, such as ivy or blackberry will be the answer to your problems. A simple trick for building your arbour and making it a smart and functional open access (just a quick reminder the sun won’t always be there to keep you warm).

A flowering lawn, good for kids to play on

terrace with pool

Some of the most good looking terraces I have ever seen have been designed according to kids needs. All they want is bursting with joy. A urban frame, becoming real thanks to themes parks full of laughs and jokes. You must agree with me, kids love playing….a lot. So if you have kids, why don’t you think to what they really need? Why don’t you invent ad hoc space for them?

I suggest you to install an inflatable pool, an artificial lawn (definitively the easy-to-clean surface), a beach umbrella to protect them from the sunlight and last but not least a bunch of toys. All matching with a pair of folding resin beach chairs and you will finally keep an eye on them while you’re relaxing. That’s right. You might think it’s foolish, however it will be the perfect view of heaven for your kids.

The wind and the rain will never leave you

Curtains and textile just create the ideal intimate place. A cozy and secret place you’d love to be in. Besides, use it to your advantage: they will protect you against direct UV light. There is no such thing as a safe tan even during the hottest days of the year. On the other side, have you ever considered rainy days? Have you ever asked yourself what would you do during windy days? Set a gazebo, or more in general a tension structure, and it will shelter you during drizzly days. Perfect solution for bad weather.

PS → Creating an indoor area further divide spaces making the environment feeling more spacious.

To sum up

These are small tricks to give you decorating ideas for your terrace, and making it more valuable. Don’t you feel depressed when you have a space, but you can’t still maximise it? Anyway, if you have any further suggestions, just leave your feedback into our comments form, here below.

I almost forgot to suggest you one more key element: the terrace ladder. I’m sure you will need it to reach higher flooring. We always believe that people can only reach higher levels step by step. Thus, if you haven’t still found the loft ladder best suiting your needs, I recommend you to trust FGM Scale, leading loft ladder design and manufacturing company. FGM Scale offers a wide range of loft ladders. Now all you have to do is taking a look!

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