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Soaking up light can really work to your advantage: it wakes up your home increasing its comfort, plus it changes your mood as you finally cut down on energy usage. Anyway, there are several ways to open your home to light. This blog post will give you 5 tips to brighten things up, saving money on your power bill and giving at the same time that touch of creativity.

Everyone dreams of a shiny, spacious, airy open-plan house to live in; and I guess this is what you crave too. After all, nobody wants ever live in a cave. Nobody would do except for Batman, clearly. Letting natural light cross your home, means making it cozy, warm and the place you love to be in. Shrugging off the trivial aspect of the matter, you must know that reduce light bulbs consumption can benefit the environment.

However, the question is: how to make the most of what natural light you have? Nothing gets easier than now.  You just need to wear a pair of gloves and start using a proper latex paint. So let’s get painting.

#1 Blast your house with colors: color your life

pareti bianche per aumentare la luce

Nothing does more than filling your home with colors. Get this first tip I want to give to you for getting extra light into your house without going over budget. Start with walls and ceilings painting: this would make a big impact at home. This small trick will help your flat looking sparkling. Play with warm colors, like yellow and orange, or why not opt for pastel colors, like sky blue or aqua green. Keep your ceiling white: it will definitely offset intense wall color reflecting light into the environment.

Conversely, if you prefer white walls, make use of accessories like a nice chandelier, coloured cushions or a stylish mirror: they will totally provide colors in rooms.

#2 Hang mirrors to reflect light

gli specchi incrementano la luce in casa

Have you ever thought mirrors can really give that much-wanted bling effect to your interior? Catch the bouncing ball. A wide mirror catches sunlight by capturing sun’s rays resulting into energy saving. Logically, larger mirror catches more light. Wall mirrors can really work well, especially if you place them at the entrance hall or into the living room.

One more smart idea can be hanging more mirrors to the staircase wall. As you can see, there are so many original ways to play with natural light. Turn on your creativity, and pick up the best solution for your needs. 

#3 Be transparent

incrementare la luce in casa

I’m not asking you to tell me all of your secrets, but rather to simply install some glassdoors to let the light easily pour into your house. Stop worrying about yours and your guests’privacy. A wide range of frosted or coloured glasses are available on the market to perfectly blend bathrooms or bedrooms. Otherwise, you can exploit transparent glass for rooms you want to show off. Opt for a sliding glassdoor, ideal for living room, or as well for a patio door to smoothly gain access to balconies, terraces or gardens.

If you want the light shine through the darkest spots of your house – like for example the entrance hall- you can pick glass fiber reinforced concrete panels. You can strategically inserting them into partitions which, for the records, are not load bearing walls. Therefore, partition wall will aimed at dividing spaces, while glass reinforced concrete will bring that pinch of comfort you have been looking for a while.

#4 Take a look at your floor

You may not know that even your floor can maximize the natural light into your home. Ok, we all agree wood flooring has its own charm. Nonetheless, this type of surface should be surrounded by total white look:  furniture, walls and top coat. But let me ask you a question: what do you usually feel when you walk into a house with wood floor? I’m sure you might think it is nice a surrounding but there’s still dark in it. Reason behind it, wood surface color usually stops natural light spreading evenly across your home. Thus, choosing marble or coloured tile can really make the difference. You can find laminate wood floorings which will give to your house that touch of sparkle you have always wanted. Obviously, this is the right choice to make, if you don’t want to give up on wood interior design.

#5 Just get rid of the unnecessary

Fine, you live in a spacious flat whose interior layout is just well-planned. Besides, you are lucky enough to live not so far from the town centre. Yet, you can replace the wall by a fabulous archway distinguishing your kitchen from the living room. You know what? I think you’re right. Getting rid of the unecessary means removing unwanted stuff. Give yourself some time while you’re wandering through your home. Let’s test your observation, take a careful look at your living environment. Just look for the darkest spots, or better the areas where the sunlight doesn’t get through, and let’s take action. 

Brightnen up your house

I’ve been giving you some makeover tips in order to add more brightness without electricity. In this respect, I was almost to forget to suggest you one more thing. It may look trivial, try bright white LED bulbs: they consume far less electricity but they still run more power.

Now, you just need to put my advices into practice, and you will finally bring more light to your home. After all, what you need is that pinch of creativity when following those tricks; when it comes to lightning you don’t need that flash of light.

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