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You are lucky enough to have a basement but you just use it to store unused stuff, worn out furniture or more just as a cellar for long term food. I tell you one thing that will change your life: if you have enough space you can convert your basement into a living space. Basement makeover requires taste and intelligence. Follow my 10 tips and let’s find out together how to get started on your renovation.

Basement is a magical place just like loft. The sad truth is we always forget its value, relegating it as a messy storage room. Anyway, thanks to small tricks you can finally turn this room into your own little corner of paradise. You just need to close your eyes, visualize what you really want and clear your mind for great ideas,

Get back to reality. Change the colour of your walls and buy some new pieces of furniture: these are the things that will make your basement conversion the easiest task to take on. If you lack of imagination and creativity, just keep on reading the article. You won’t find only one, but rather 10 sparks.

#1 Basement Home Theater

cinema in cantina

If you truly love cinema and you’re addicted to watching TV series, why don’t you turn this area into a small home theater? Pick up these items to give you ultra-comfortable relax: a projector, a pop corn maker, pallets for your DIY armchairs and tons of decorative cushions. Beyond question, you will need to take care of ambiance soundproofing and make the optimal-sounding room.

If pallets don’t really match your design flavour, choose classic pieces of furniture like for example reclining chairs. Your basement home theater would be the ideal place for friends and relatives. And you want them to feel comfortable, don’t you? Get rid of old boxes, clean the place out and your basement remodelling is now possible.

#2 Create the Ultimate Game Room

biliardo in cantina

Ok, you’re not such a massive fan of cinema. You would rather interact with things around you.I just thought up a solution which will transform your basement into brand-new arcade.

Place a pinball machine, a pool table, a few card tables and some vintage coin op machines. Les jeux sont fait. Your basement will make you and your friends feeling welcome granting you hours of fun. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one more thing: your kids will definitively love their new basement.

#3 Equipment room set-up guide

The other day I was just looking at my toolbox and suddenly something came to mind. I thought: I screw-up. Then I asked myself how nice would have been if i could dedicate space to my tools. Unfortunately, I find myself with my plain toolbox, while you can convert your basement into your DIY kingdom.

Walls decoring, painting and renovating old pieces of furniture or fixing pipes are part of your daily routine. From now on, you can arrange all your equipment into ad hoc room. If you have enough space, just split your basement in half and organize a laundry room. Collect a washing machine, a dryer, and a pair of baskets for clean and dirty clothes respectively. It takes a little to enhance the basement.

#4 Kids play-room basement

If you have babies (game room is the best for kids), and your house doesn’t have recreation area, you can revamp your basement to make them happy. Opt for fitted carpeting, chalkboard painted walls and any recreational bits you could ever imagine.

If you do have space available and height limitations is the last of your problem, you can place a swing or even set a bowling lane. You have plenty of workable solutions tailored to different ages. Anyway, you can always personalize furniture and….toys for sure.

#5 Adding a Basement kitchen

cucina in cantina

Have you decided on cooking area remodeling? Why not! Take time out to reflect, brand-new kitchen could be the valuable option to consider. You can finally say goodbye to unpleasant smells. Nobody likes to deal with roasted meat smoke; and maybe your clothes still smell like frying oil almost twenty hours later.

Let me tell you something: I fully understand how serious is shaking up your house and moving the kitchen to the basement. You should connect water pipes and drains, plug in gas line then you have to install a new extractor fan.

Take into consideration what you really need before getting the makeover started. First of all, look at your house walls. Without metaphors, it’s time to manage walls framing. Do you want to make the best of the existing kitchen space?Are kitchen walls load-bearing ones? Have you ever considered to take them down and make open space ambience real?

Just give answer to questions, then you will make up you mind whether to turn your basement into kitchen a restaurant.

#6 Wine bar basement

cantina vini

It’s fair to think how to ensure entertainment to your kids, nevertheless you have to look after yourself. You’ve had this basement longstanding fantasy: now you can make it a reality. After all, a basement is the ideal place to store your liqueurs, wines and many more spirits.

You can also build your counter and start serving cocktails while offering sampling. I’m sure your friends will be looking forward to inaugurate your new place. You can add some barrels and stools. Barrels will become the perfect tables and together with stools will design the ambience of a British pub.

#7 Basement chill-out space

Imagine taking a record player, a TV, some electric massage chairs, a bar fridge and a fruit basket downstairs to the basement. This means pure relaxation time. You won’t believe it, it takes a little effort to make it possible. It is indeed, one of the cheapest solutions I have been giving to you so far.

#8 Workout in your Basement

palestra in cantina

If you are truly addicted to exercise and you’re not the kind of person who likes chilling out, just turn your basement into your personal workout center. Arrange a bench, an exercise bike, a treadmill and other types of training equipment in order to sculpt your body. Mirrors, a punching bag to relieve your stress and energy drink vending machine will be the stuff you ever will replace.

Conversely, if you practice martial arts you can still fit your dojo room and keep you always well-trained.

#9 Basement guest room

Second to last suggestion I want to show you is the workable solution to host your friends and family and while keeping the costs down. Let me explain to you. If you make your basement a living space, just decorate it as a bedroom, and you will get one more room providing the ideal sleeping. If you’re hosting friends or family, you won’t ask them for rent; but what if turists come to your house? Advertise your basement in websites providing listings for B&B and make it the best accomodation choice.

Just put a wardrobe, a mixer, a king size bed and two bed side tables. Add some plugs, set up a wi-fi network and – if you have plenty of space available – build a small private toilette. This is actually a real investment, just think over it. If I wear in your shoes consider this option, especially if your house is located in a tourist area.

#10 Make your basement a well-organized storage spot

Follow my last tip and go back in time. Our cellars are usually used as messy storage areas. It’s like playing tetris very badly: we are not able to organize properly. That’s why I suggest you to effectively plan your basement place by putting your knick-knack in order.

Put your long-term food aside and classify it according to seasonal cycle. After that, you can buy shelves, chests of drawers and finally refile your documents, bills, old high school pictures, childhood toys and gardening tools.

There’s no doubt, a well-organized basement will give you more space back. And you know, what’s the point? You will finally create the room just like the pictures you can see through this blog article! You will combine traditional applicability with modern touch in order to best suit your needs. Not bad, isn’t it?

Shake up your basement

I gave you 10 tips for shaking up your basement and making a brand new but functional living room. Now, it’s your turn to get your imagination firing and create your new space.

PS→ Here’s some advices to get more light into your home.

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