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Let’s face it: being surrounded by coloured walls will totally change the way you live your own place. Choosing coloured walls can really lighten the mood, making you feel more cheerful and why not more inspired. Anyway, if you want to get your flat more enjoyable and interesting to look my first suggestion would be to put hanging shelves and paintings.

Do you need tips for how to decorate your walls giving that extra touch of creativity? Well, you just got to the right place.

Generally speaking, having an art’s painting collection or antique pieces, is not something that everyone can afford and being proud of. However, you can still trasform your interior walls into something spectacular, no matter what your budget is. Just use your imagination and look at things through different eyes. Take for instance an old bike. You might ask yourself how to get this done. Believe or not, sharing those ten ideas can actually help you realise it. I only remind you, when it comes to deco you have to focus on walls.

You have grown up wearing bandanas, now it’s time to give up

…..or simply hang them on the wall. Think over it: bandanas usually have special geometric pattern. So, just opt for geometric shapes: everything will look tidy and balanced.    

Just place a dozen of bandanas in four lines of three. They will give you the idea of an imaginary table located just at the entrance of your home. Mimimum effort, maximum shaped and clean results.

Having mismatched plates? This is what exactly you need the most

piatti decorativi da parete

Anyone can break a plate. Whatever it belongs or not to a plate set. By the way, you still have two options:

  1. you can buy a new place set
  2. you can use them for your family dinners

Just keep it in mind as now I want to give you one more solution. This is going to be the most creative solution in order to add colour to your walls. Guess what? Silly question: just hang plates on the wall. Same thing as bandanas, you can let your fantasy going wild by sketching your most inspiring image like a circle, an half-moon or more, an abstract picture.

In this case, you have multiple choices at your fingertips. Just pay attention to the pattern of the plates and make sure they perfectly blend the wall you want to embellish. Just remember to follow this simple rule: white wall matches with coloured plates; dark wall plays well with bright ones.

Colored pencils can actually paint your life without staining

Long gone are the days when you were a kid and you used to leave crayon stains on the walls. When I was a kid my family used to underestimate my talent of painting resulting into being the misunderstood “Picasso” of the house. I’ m sure it happened to you the same;  but now it’s time to show them you can do it. You won’t get everything messed up anymore.

Just grab that set of crayons, and reinvent a wall full of colours. You will only need to draft slatwall panels, each of them of different colors shade; after that you will install them on wall. Conversely, you can simply use few colors giving a less symmetrical shape to your artwork; it will definitely confer mind-blowing effect to your room. Try it then trust. 

Discovering a world of opportunities….just hang them on the wall

Give your interior walls a makeover by putting a map on your wall. Trust me, geography will surely boost your room. You can opt for a map showing a place that means a lot to you, such as your hometown, or that memorable spot where you did your marriage proposal to your wife-to-be; or more, choose that image catching that dreamplace to escape and live a wonderful endless holiday. Believe or not, a map can be really something speaking about your personality.

Making the magic…use broken tiles

Don’t miss out the chance to collect some old broken tiles. You won’t deny this is one of the most creative ideas you could ever think about. Let me tell you that: if your bathroom is the tiniest room inside your homeplace, just make it valuable by adding something tricky. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about space maximisation but rather space enhancement and these are really different issues to take into account. If you have just finished with your house renovation, maybe taking advantage of tax breaks, I’m sure you will certainly have some leftover tiles.

Here’s the thing: forget about leaving them in the dust, maybe inside a garret. Just arm yourself with an hammer, and release your stress by breaking some tiles. Once you’ve finished, you will have those pieces of broken tiles perfect to piece the puzzle together. Definitively, a personal patchwork creating a sense of harmony in your house plus you will stop worrying about delivering the ideal shape of your new handmade creation.

Serving up imagination by stamps, coins and notes

Numismatics and more in particular stamps, can turn your boring, blank walls into a blast of colours, arts and history. Spot-on, stamps usually depict monuments, popular people and major events. You surely agree with me when I say coins and notes have the same purpose. So, just envisage pictures consisting of stamps you’ve been collecting since high school days. Here’s, one more reason tho show them off.

Plants and shelves cascade down walls

piante decorative a cascata

Everyone love indoor plants. After all, a touch of green makes always feel good. Besides, it is the smart way in order to exploit heights at best and at the same time maximise home spaces. Install some shelves in order to make your hanging garden real and trasform each corner of your house into green cascades.

Take a closer look here below and find out about the most suitable plants fitting your decorating:

  • Fern
  • Ivy
  • Madascar jasmine
  • Acalypha
  • Ceropegia (known as ‘string of hearts’)
  • Aeschynanthus
  • Cisto

Clearly, each of these plants need specific care to make them grow smoothly and faster. So just ask to your trusted gardening nursery to get useful tips. Anyway, this is not the right place to argue on Botany. 

Magazines you’ll never see again

arredare una parete con le riviste

You find yourself with an old collection of magazines being stored in a big box or perhaps in a wardrobe. You keep racking your brain looking for an idea just to reuse them and the only question comes to your mind is: will those magazines ever see the sunlight?

You might see that collection as something thorny, being piled up during teenage years, or else, something that other peple can consider trivial. After all, if you’ve been collecting those magazines, there must be a reason behind it. I can give you a clue of it and it has only one name: passion.

Are you fashion addicted and you never missed even one number of Vanity Fair or Vogue magazines? Are you such a big fan of Hugh Hefner and since you were eighteen you have been collecting all Playboy magazines? Here’s the answer. Time for you to give a space to stick them up to your personal wall. Get inspired and create a collage on your dreams wall.

Filling with music any corner in your house

chitarre per decorare una parete

As I have already said, you can make your walls looking original by affixing magazines covers. So now I say again: put some vinyl records and you will finally get that visual impact you’ve been looking for. Alternatively, you can always use a guitar hook to hang that Fender model and give that country magic touch to your living environment. And why not, you can always later pick it up and noodling around.

Besides, you can add more music bits to your do-it-yourself artwork and get your band music painting on your wall. Everybody will be astounded just by looking at it. Otherwise, if you were a piano player, you could simply place it in the living room. 🙂

Metal shelving and wall ladders

scaffalatura metallica da appartamento

Last but not least, let me give you one more interesting food for thought. I’d like you think over installing a bookshelf. Try to imagine this piece of furniture full of volumes and magazines; I’m sure what you will realise is those senses of beauty and versatility only that piece of furniture can offer. At this stage, just put a pair of wall shelves reaching the ceiling, and a wall ladder. Any activitivity will seem like stealing candy from a baby: for example, you can finally rediscover that forgotten Baudelaire’s collection of books.

Furthermore, you can install some shelves by changing heights, always according to your needs. This will result into several compartments ideal to keep all your stereo, TV and that antique plate from the town Caltagirone given to both of you as wedding present – and obviously don’t forget all of your college textbooks.

Just to recap

What I’ve done so far, is showing you ten small but useful ideas in order to enrich your interior walls. If something else comes up in your mind and you want to share it with me, feel free to leave your feedback.

When it comes to reach higher flooring such as a mezzanine level, what you need the most is a wall ladder. Fgm Scale will design and manufacture any type of ladder perfectly fitting your needs.

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