Mezzanine Ladders

Mezzanine is the perfect solution you can get when optimizing your flat floor area. After all, gaining access to mezzanine can’t always be convenient to you.
There are actually two possible solutions:

-Building a permanent wood, steel or masonry staircase
-Adding a mezzanine ladder

First solution, will ensure sturdiness and great aesthetic impact. However, it takes much space which would be otherwise optimized for different purposes. Choosing a mezzanine ladder will make your access to mezzanine safer and quicker, plus you will get extra space from it. If you’re thinking of getting a ladder, consider to buy a FGM Scale mezzanine ladder on our online store, all provided with features and prices. Our exclusive mezzanine AutoAttic “Ghost” ladder is the innovative no hatch, motorized ladder perfect to have access to mezzanine. Being constructed from steel for more safety climbing, it requires minimal space.

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