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Sometimes I find myself like living the traditional surroundings of typical Italian home design. That is to say, enjoying the warmth of rooms, and above all, surrounding myself of senses of tranquillity and well-being. To tell the truth, everybody knows that your unquestionable taste controls over all kind of environments. However, constructive feedbacks are always welcome.


A nobel prize Loft Ladder

Let’s imagine our room with a subdued lighting make us feeling comfortable, loved and intimate. Precisely, if we consider all these pleasant sensations coming from Loft Ladder Access Panel opening and closing: this could be heaven for us. It could be the perfect match combining business and pleasure. Nevertheless, somebody would think of madness. Isn’t?

Design markets are moving forward and lead us every day dealing with the sense of beauty. Nowadays, manufacturing an ‘AutoAttic Vip’ Led Loft Ladder isn’t just a game but a real challenge for us. Let us say, we are proud of our new products. High quality level, comforts, and simplicity are at the key elements of our business.

Moreover, sense of aesthetics, all mixed up together, and the game is on.

You can finally say, time of climbing up the ‘old’ ladder to the loft is over.

Currently, different kind of real precious ladders can be found and they are perfectly assembled with classic and modern living spaces. Why don’t you think about the latest product in market?: It is led lighting.

That’s all another story.

If we consider the luminous efficiency of a candle, measured in lumen/watt, that is the ratio of luminous flux generated by input power, it stands at around 0.3. An incandescent light bulb’s efficiency goes up to 70. Led lights’ ones 300.

This is a revolutionary discovery began in the ’60s and not everyone knew this would have been a significant energy savings.


The 2014 Nobel Prize awarded to the inventors of the Nitride Crystal

Today, after almost thirty years, the 2014 Nobel Prize for the revolution of high quality gallium nitride crystals has been recognized. It is a revolutionary discovery as, at last, blue led technology is able to emit light at the right frequency.

(Immagine)Our latest Led Loft Ladder (Led Loft Panel)

Same gallium nitride crystals are used for our Loft Ladder

This is the technology FGM wants to adopt for the Access Panel of their most valued items: Loft Ladders. An excellent daily ‘passpartout’ which allows you to save most of the room and to reach easily the upper floors enjoying at the same time a soft glow for evenings. Furthermore, it will also be useful to employ them as security light, in case of blackout as the equipment works independently. Just by clicking on the remote and the loft ladder high-automated operating system will operate.

And so on….you can easily climb up the ladder..what more to say about it!

Comfort is the feature everyone is looking for, especially for women. We all know that the majority of women do housework on their own without the support of nobody else; therefore even putting a Christmas tree back in the loft becomes struggling.

However, today things have changed thanks to installation a Loft Ladder that allows us to achieve top floors. is the perfect ladder which perfectly matches any kind of surroundings. Let’s try to think about a tree ladder. It would be great spending a few hours isolated without nobody else bothering you. Privacy would be safe, at least!


What’s more, why don’t we think about luxury yachts?

Everything could be easier and more convenient, especially going up and down stairs would be a child’s play.

And what even more important to say: just looking at it makes you think about you did the best choice. Safety and tranquillity make your life better.


Price and quality work well together especially when combined


il-colosseo-illuminato-300x192The 21st Century Revolution

Led panel addition could be the real revolution of the 21st century!!!

Travelling backwards let’s imagine what it might happen inside the gladiators arena of Roman empire…that would be wicked.

This could have been the future in your hands.

Try to figure out your home all lightened up by a soft glow it will be nice, pleasant and …it will be reflection of yourself. Great result guaranteed!


Our Led Loft Ladder

Discover more about loft ladders, looking at the FGM leading products range the ‘AutoAttic Vip’, ladder wherein you can request the Led Magnetic Panel and customize it according to your needs.

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