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Team up with a ghost in your house…you won’t regret it.

No need to say this is one of the weirdest things you’ve probably never thought about before.
Speaking of this, we especially address to ladies who doesn’t like dealing with bulky things. You may ask yourself, why do you devote time to talk about it? That’s easy question!
It’s our pleasure to introduce the AutoAttic GHOST, the new motorized cantilever attic or mezzanine ladder without frame.

Widely known, construction and nautical market offering consist of devices installed on frames to allow the opening and closing of loft ladders. Hence, this kind of solution aims at avoiding fixed ladders, which are expensive, and take up space when not in use. However, our revolutionary idea outreaches the use of frames on loft ladders.

In particular, GHOST model offers a new mechanical system in which loft ladder is fastened only through a pivot plate, allowing cantilever assembly on any kind of hard surface. A considerable innovation arising principally from the pivot plate on which all the mechanical elements have been installed in order to unlocking and locking the ladder.

In brief, the structure consists of a pivot plate, which is the only fastening core, and a loft ladder hooked up to pivot plate by means of hinges. The fastening takes place through lever hinges being attached to the loft ladder tread. The latter will automatically expand to make steps accessible and it is equipped with handrail by means of complex mechanical motions.

The complexity of innovation translates into the simplicity of touch.

The kinematic motion allows the rotation of ladder bringing it down. The ladder rotates through low voltage linear actuator, secured to support hook, which can be activated by means of remote.


We suggest you the GHOST model if you need stability and safety. This is the best solution to get immediate access to loft even when carrying stuff like clothes, toys, boxes or Christmas tree. Consequently, you will not need help anymore.
Value for money guaranteed. Quick and reliable delivery. Flexible and cordial after-sales services.


Luxury and comfort.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable, manual, bulky and unsafe loft ladders. Nowadays innovation has made big steps forward and our company has made its way to provide a unique product. Our loft ladder is synonym with luxury and comfort replacing all obsolete ones.

This kind of furniture will be the ideal tool not only for hatches, mezzanines, lofts or terraces but also to make housing spaces more functional such as for example a bedroom with bunk beds for your kids.

Safety childproofing.

Forget to deal with possible threats to child safety. The new GHOST model ensures confidence when stepping on or off as it is equipped with an anti-collision system. It provides high safety home standards.

At library.

The technological progress of loft ladders have made the use of any kind of environment possible. They have become a fascinating tool blending the old with the new and giving a touch of design.

To all library employees and users, don’t worry about moving wrought iron ladder…it will be just a memory! Thanks to this extraordinary invention, all books can be moved in the easiest and fastest way. The remote will help you to operate your loft ladder, which will be your silent friend.

Further, the GHOST loft ladder is a certified system according to UNI EN 14975:2006 with central tread max capacity load of kg 260. Its high quality level allows easy installation even on luxury goods.

Sailing yachts, boats, motorboats.

Picture yourself on a boat. It’s everybody’s dream. After combining and reviewing the results from all studies, our company has figured out how to conceive a product for sailing yachts, boats, motorboats, which stands out for its quality and aesthetics; these are key features for those who are looking for a functional tool.

You have no choice.

The loft ladder will be the perfect choice to get to solarium bridge.

Easy setup.

Nothing easier for boats owners or boatyards than installing this type of loft ladder. The pivot plate supporting the ladder will be fastened by means of bolts to the support element.



Our models of Loft Ladders

You can order by now our motorized mezzanine ladders, Ghost version, on our website, selecting your favourite features thanks to the configurator you will find inside products section:

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