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Confession: decorating a loft style apartment can be quite intimidating especially when you have to face with complex, well-defined issues. First problem you will be experiencing is wall surface: it just can’t provide you the ideal square footage – especially in height – for exploitation. So immediately, you start planning a furniture layout paying attention to detail especially when optimising use of space. You will resort to custom-made furniture which, as you might already know, is not always so easy to craft. Just to give you an hint of that, let’s think about two-face, multipurpose (changeable), modular furniture proposal.

Let your creative ideas flowing and you won’t have any problems in searching for original and functional solutions. This way, your loft will look like a total relaxing island, perfect both for a studio fitting or kids’ storage. If you are still making up your mind about what type of furniture you want to buy, or what colour may be the most appropriate for your walls or more what is the best answer to maximise your loft, what you need is to chill out and read carefully the following tricks which will be suiting your needs.

In a nutshell, these are the most significant key points of this blog post:

  • custom furniture and “smart” furnishing
  • colour selection
  • heights exploitation
  • space distribution
  • lighting

More in detail, I’m going to show you each of them:

Start using customized, two-face and multipurpose furniture custom furniture for the attic

It may seem obvious, but crafting customized furniture is the most reasonable choice to make; obviously always make sure you can afford the carrying costs. This is the perfect piece of furniture ever invented for your dream loft. However, every dream has a price, and we both know, such price is not that small. In addition, I can suggest you one more alternative solution: getting furniture and I shall say smart one. I only give you two words and you will understand what I mean: two-faced and multipurpose.

Try to imagine, you want to create a living room corner mixed with a small kitchen area. All you need is installing an island kitchen: just put a corner table next to an outfitted wall. You will totally shape your living room helping distributing shapes; but now, you can chill out watching with your old friends your favourite Champions League match while making those popcorn and snacks that you loved so much.

Conversely, if you have a tiny loft, try to exploit a specific wall, maybe for instance the one located in the entrance area; this can be the unique unless valid and functional solution you have been looking for. A real convertible piece of furniture which can serve both as console table (convertible furniture means empty pockets)and as a dining table in the middle of a room. You will finally solve space problems….and why not it is going to be the answer to your lack of creativity! Moreover, finish it by matching with folding and hanging chairs. I recommend you to pick lively coloured chairs: definitively the perfect touch for greater happiness inside your living environment. 

All-white loft optimize the space in the attic

As we have talked about before, colour choice plays a vital part when optimising spaces, whatever a flat or a small loft. Opt for bright colours and pastel tonalities under eave area, but more generally speaking use a lot of white. After all, there’s a reason why today all interior designers are going for white furniture. It is widely known that choosing white colour, as it happens with clothes, make look bigger. This is exactly the same thing when we talk about interior design: white colour fools the eye and makes it feel larger. Moreover, it provides you a pleasing sense of peace.

Logically, too much quietness can seem boring, so if you don’t want to feel like alienated, just add colourful items to your loft like curtains, pictures, carpets and cushions. As design code requires, this is the strategy you should keep in mind:

  • White wax like furniture and walls
  • Coloured interior decorating like the colours of a canvas

Smart ways to use horizontal space windows to illuminate the attic

If you live in a loft you may have realized how smart is exploiting vertical spaces. Unfortunately, now you find yourself with lack of space. As a matter of fact, loft is not the best place to look for vertical distance. Thus, I suggest you, in order to make the most out of the space, to use the potential of the horizon.

Actually, you don’t need to puzzle over it: you know lofts – comparing to a traditional home floor –  have always the highest ceiling point, just as they have lower points. Overall, this structure type depends on the position of eave area. There are some lofts, looking like coming from the Region of Shire (, where each single centimetre has been exploited; but others, offering giant dimensions of 150 mq, which reveal to be design disaster, not to mention being really poor from the aesthetic point of view.

Place wardrobes or round tables to areas with taller walls. Otherwise, if you are willing to use any inch of space just install short, long furniture like for example expedit shelves in the narrowest spots. They are for sure the most suitable pieces for narrowest areas. If you still can’t find a solution, I might recommend you more bits like footstools, short recliners and those wonderful TV tray tables perfect for watching artworks during movies nights with your friends.

Or more, if you’re planning a trip somewhere and you consider leaving the kids at home (I’m sure you’ve already seen that cult movie Home Alone, haven’t you?) you can always go for kids loft. Just place a bunk bed in those spots of the room with taller walls – soon or later you might have a second child- and turn it into a theme park by adding storage baskets and LEGO sets. I can already imagine the happiness on your children’s face smiling and laughing while they’re playing.

Split up spaces and create special areas set up a relaxation area in the attic

If you want to convert your garret from that unusable, messy and forgotten storage area, you could take advantage of it by creating new room design. Yes, you read that right, building new rooms is not just a dream anymore.

As a matter of fact, several solutions can be deployed in order to provide fuctional areas to your garret. Try to think about a corner of your house in which you take shelter for few minutes and enjoying your interests. One of the most creative aspects- and I may say the toughest one – is facing with asymmetric walls: struggling with lowest walls linking to the eave area and splitting up wide surfaces.

When it comes to decorating, the first rule you should follow is space rationalisation and organization. All meant to suit your needs, regardless the style of your interior environment. You will finally get small areas, which you will embellish paying attention to details. Make your garret a unique space, maximising space where you can work – or why not – taking some time off to relax.

Furnish your house with pieces that can actually divide your space, like two-face furniture, or sofas always opting for the brighter ones, or even better white ones. Furthermore, to split up spaces, I recommend to pay attention to chromatic combination of wallpaper, lamps, cushions and complement decor. Just make your choice by picking plain and refined colours and your smart living room will become reality. On the other side, I suggest you to go for the same pieces but of totally different colours for your kids room, in which the predominant colour will be green.

This tricky solution will help you to create distinct areas of your attic without compromising design style. Besides, complements decor will definitely separate spaces, without messing up alla round. Try then trust.

Lighten up your attic like a sky full of stars

 natural light in the attic

You must know, making your attic shiny is not an easy joke.  Don’t lose heart: I will show you all the solutions which will ensuring you proper lighting.

Now, I tell you what not to do when dressing up your attic. First of all, you should absolutely avoid hanging lamps and chandeliers: they take up spaces, in addition they are not suitable to a such narrow area. And I must confess to you: attic’s walls don’t provide surface, neither for that Murano glass style chandelier your mother-in-law gave to you. It is exactly the wrong choice to make in terms of design planning. What, you can do is placing it in the dining room: definitely the perfect touch for a unique living environment.

Therefore, just prefer lamps and ceiling lights; they reveal to be the answer you have been looking for your space maximisation needs. Nevertheless, I must say window light is the best source of lighting for your attic. Larger windows will make light go through the room; moreover, windows give you the chance to admire the romantic view for your nights under the stars- beyond being the most eco-friendly choice. As a matter of fact it will prevent you from electricity waste, and as well you will get all the benefits of watching the sky being relaxed in your room.

If you don’t have this opportunity, you could always opt for led lights. You will find several versions of them available for all tastes and for all types of environment you want to recreate. My recommendation is adopting yellow led lights, rather then white ones, as they will grant a more relaxing ambiance making the brand-new areas outstanding.

Attic remodeling: listening to your voice

Now you figured out what to do in order to remodel and make the most out of your attic, always in the most effective way. But now, here what’s new: we are curious to hear from you. We strongly believe in what one of the fathers of western philosophy, Heraclitus of Ephesus, said: “War is the father of all and the king of all’. This suggests the idea of war as free exchange of ideas always challenging people for the better.

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