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Fgm scale company has a history which began in 2000 in Sulmona, a small town located in the region of Abruzzo in the centre of Italy. Sulmona, unfortunately we must admit that, is a wasteland from several points of views, however it is our homeland. Me, as founder of the company, have grown up in a such small reality and I strongly believe in it. I have been working as sales agent for years, and I realized that imported products have ruled the market in Italy for too long time. My project was to promote Made in Italy mark. My project was to start up a loft ladders manufacturing business.
A professional high quality material production painstakingly selected by our specialist sector team. We are proud to say that at the moment we also inspect our operating production. Since the first coils stage, supervise activity begins with raw material testing and comes along the whole moulding process. At the end of it, we assemble the entire product. In other words, a real total manufacturing inspection turning rough material into finished product.



Exploring the Loft Ladders manufacturing process

360° Product creation process aimed at modifying and improving the item in short time. As we previously said every phase of it is tested very carefully. Inspection actually leads our team to locking and unlocking loft ladders hundreds of times.
Our mission is to provide to our customers a highly safe product 100% made in Italy Certified. This means that for our company nothing is impossible. Nothing is imported: our production is totally based in Italy and this is the best warranty you ever needed. This is what makes us different from other companies and the benefit you can get is all yours.

We are the production leading company getting straight to your house thanks to internet service. A sort of virtual company where you can browse and choose your favourite loft ladder. Just do it and in few seconds you will get what you want. The idea we conceive it that customer is the only one creating the product of his dreams. Once your selected ladder has been manufactured, it will be subject to further examination procedure then placed on pallet for delivery test.
Delivered parcel is provided with illustration setup and maintenance policy all available in four languages.



Cutting Edge Loft Ladder Production

The company is based on well advanced engineering manufacturing process. Our plant, extending around 2,000 square meters, is located in the industrial core of the valley “Valle Peligna”. Inside factory we work by means of 400 t mechanical deep moulding eccentric presses.

Two profiling production lines combined with robotic welding systems, wood table saw machines and industrial automations aimed at loft ladder peculiar component manufacturing. Speaking out loud: you can have your ladder, always provided with same parameters as we take charge of the entire process, from design to assembling, without asking for support to nobody.

You don’t have to wait until somebody tells you we can actually make it. We can do it any time you need it. Reason why you will find “IN STOCK” on our website. A simple word holding our productive efficiency. Needless to say, if you want a customised loft ladder, processing time will be a little longer; nevertheless it doesn’t cause any trouble to us.

Customising your loft ladder

As regards customisation, we are here listening to our customers’ needs. You just place your order and we give our best to make what are you looking for. Try to imagine a non-stopping ants ‘nest: this is what exactly our company looks like! A brainstorm lab where ingenious ideas comes from you. We make sure your request is fulfilled. We are at your beck and call whenever you need it.

Engineers, clerks, labour workers and manufacturing: our qualified team works rapidly and effectively. Passion for what we do, we properly check every single detail of the entire production. We are the inventors of our products, and this makes us, after several years of strong commitment, very proud of it. Achieving our aim means literally to make your dreams come true.

Being gratified with our products strengthens us to move on and to make our products better than anyone else. As we are not just giving you imported product though Made in Italy branded items, the ‘non plus ultra’ products ever. Creating synergy between us and our customers takes the first place of our ‘must-do list’. We call it a real teamwork which will never let you down. Our challenge of well-advanced company is to answer to your requests in order not only to achieve outstanding products but also to be second to none.

Relax_091-300x212Sector expertise and the motorized loft ladder

It has been fourteen years of hard-working. We have spent longest days and never ending nights to assembly the manual loft ladder. However, time goes by asking us for something more innovative. We needed something beyond expectations: the motorized loft ladder.

A superior product, a true flagship of our business activity. A front line product ensued from a detail-oriented job awarding us as one of the leading construction building company.
At the end, you can finally say your long walk to freedom is over. You can use your motorized ladder as much as you like it, any time of the day. Welcome to the real revolution: no space left for others.

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