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Are you experiencing economic crisis? There is no need to worry about it. FGM Scale company is here to listen to your needs

The economic crisis is now affecting any optimal solution so cost reduction is appealing more Italian families. House prices are too high to get one and do not even think about maintenance or renovation works to undertake. Hard times even to dream of well-being. On one side, if more and more often we see young couples considering the possibility of buying small houses, on the other there are those who try to upgrade their living environment by means of little tricks in order to optimize space.

Consequently, today people try to make their own best-individualized design plan looking for optimal solutions that meet their needs. Latest trend is for sure a modern and functional house design suggesting for an internal design ladder.

IMG_0890-300x168Loft ladder increases space value

The aim of a loft ladder is not only to provide optimal usability but also to increase space value. Interior ladders design have today reached great potential features assuring the highest performance and always giving aesthetic impact to house interior.

Looking at interior spaces, they have to be functional becoming the exhibition of ladders. Dedicated techniques allow to very interesting design projects to take shape, by means of cantilever structures, which maintain their traditional and surreal style without leaving out design art.

Despite few resources, nobody wants to give up on beauty. Nowadays, latest trends tend to focus on minimal style for interior ladders.

IMG_0891-300x195Space optimisation at low prices

Building sector has stepped forward. Despite high prices of building a quality house, a solution is always available to solve money problems.

Architecture becomes light, nearly ethereal, thanks to metal material designed for saving space. This could be the ideal solution for a 60 mq house.

Get more space by installing a mezzanine floor. Then we can supply to you a folding loft ladder, the perfect way of creating extra room area giving a touch of brightness and originality to your new living surrounding.

Oriental Warehouse Loft Architect: Edmonds + Lee Location: San Francisco, California

Oriental Warehouse Loft
Architect: Edmonds + Lee
Location: San Francisco, California

Nowadays you can buy design ladders by customizing them. You just simply need to select optional features from a base product type.

Over the years, our goal has been to achieve a high quality and safety product, but today we would like to make the problem-solving product being at the same time the most suitable for any circumstances.

Sometimes you might find managing domestic needs very difficult. However, thanks to our experience, we have so much to offer you.

 Led Panel

Our experts will guide you to best products helping you to choose the product suiting your needs. We never leave anything up to chance, as we love beautiful things.
Do you have any troubles recovering your attic space? We know that, space optimizing, is a serious matter, that’s why Fgm scale company suggests you to get a remote controlled loft ladder.

Remote Control

What we are talking about is a real revolution of the safety concept. You can use the remote whenever you want it. It is the perfect tool meeting your needs. Your children will not experience any problem. Loft ladder can be easily opened from the inside or the outside.

Our company, thanks to latest manufacturing techniques, can treat material in the most efficient way. Materials maintain the same shape but there is a change in quality demanded. The new quality level offers a different dimension, which makes everything so unreal. It means that, if in the past wood was indeed the predominant material, today other materials provide better application.

Cheap but design loft ladder

Modern traditional combination home design opened a new perspective: looking at beautiful things but always keeping an eye on the budget. Loft ladder current trend is the cantilever without railing version. Times have changed and revolution is beyond the fringe.

Our “AutoAttic Vip” loft ladder allows you to climb up or down the roof whenever you want for example dealing with solar panel maintenance works.

IMG_0894-300x225Our “AutoAttic Ghost” model is the leading product of our wide range of items. When you own this kind of ladder in your house is like being in company with a ghost always ready to sort out problems in the most functional way.

Trust us, because AutoAttic Ghost model is the best high you have ever had in your house in terms of reliability and aesthetics. Moreover, our loft ladders have many different applications.

We like to imagine a tree house for your children. Nothing is safer than using a patented loft ladder. Or more, have you ever thought about a loft ladder for a luxury yacht? It would be the perfect solution to get upper surface realizing you have top product on your boat.

Passe-Partout loft ladders

Additionally, you can easily figure out a terrace, a bookshop that is certainly not easy to manage or a bank vault. The loft ladder symbolizes a passe-partout everyone needs it. Forget all your doubts, because we are to meet your needs. We invite you to contact us and you will join the revolution.

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