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Very often, people who live in big cities find themselves to get organized small living areas. You might not believe it, but making spaces appear wider is something that has actually become possible. Just make sure you take the following tips. In this post, I will share with you some useful clues about how to optimize your living space, deceiving that sense of being locked in given by narrow plus not well distributed (or even worst badly furnished) walls.

An airy and more spacious homeplace provided with high ceilings is one of the thing you’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, let say it, we all have to face the reality. People do not usually live inside perfect houses. However, this is not the right excuse for loosing your cretivity and giving up the idea to finally live in a house best suiting your needs. So the question is, do you really want to shake up your home?

Just to say it briefly, this blog post will touch on the following key points:

  • furniture arrangement
  • elements layout
  • color choice
  • domestic staircases usages
  • vertical space exploitation

Here’s following, I will offer you more details about every single point.

To maximize spaces, start with furniture arrangement

open space per ottimizzare lo spazio in casa

In some cases, house renovation, involves furnishing updating. If you want to achieve a useful space design, focus on furniture arrangement. Just opt for versatile furniture or better multi-purposes pieces.  For example, choose a footstool or a wall furnished with a wall bed. Over these last years, interior designers are going wild by conceiving much more smarter solutions. At the moment, catalogues are bursting with creativity, so it is so easy to get confused into it. Before picking the right bedside table or the appropriate wardrobe, you have to clear up your mind about their purpose.

It might seem expected, but one of the most common mistakes people make is probably space arranging neglecting their own habits. Don’t get me wrong. Just think about what you usually do at home- work, sleep, eat, relax and so on- and try to match each of these these daily actions with distinguished living environments.

If your wife is a shopping addicted, turning an under-stair storage unit into a walk-in closet is undoubtely the best choice to make. The same thing, try to put vertical shelves and roll away tables in the kitchen. In short, you know what I mean. People should use pieces of furniture, suitable to any kind of room and environment.

Place the elements needed

ottimizzare lo spazio in casa

Same observation has to be made, when we talk about how to arrange our furniture. Always visualize how to exploit your space-to decorate and place the design elements needed. When I used to play Tetris I was totally hopeless as I couldn’t complete the line. This is exactly the same story today, when I have to store shopping in the fridge. Anyway, I guess, you are the kind of skilled person who can easily make it. Arranging elements inside a homeplace is something similar to tidy the wardrobe up or organize drawers. You have to conceive a strategy in your mind, realize what (and where) you could line up at your best, and embrace the furniture and the decorative design elements. No doubt to say, they have to offer top functionality without stealing square footage.

One more hack I want to give to you is opting for large dimensions fitting. It might not make sense, nonetheless, decorating a tiny living environment with sizable furniture will definetely add space to it (at least visually).

Color plays a huge role, never forget it

Beyond choosing and arranging the furniture, you can go for tenuous colors. This way you will make a limited flat more valuable by creating the illusion of more space. Moreover, bright walls do reflect sunlight, conferring uniformity to spaces. For all that, this is not the only trick to expand a space. To achieve outstanding results, combine curtains and coloured carpets.

Even the mirrors, strategically placed, could be an effective ploy to increase – at least potentially saying- space at home. A real game of doubling, that, as you well remember, everyone learnt at the amusement park.

Utilise internal staircases and reach the higher

come ottimizzare lo spazio in casa

One more clever solution is given by internal staircases, and the space underneath. It does make sense, that for every staircase there is an under-stair storage unit. If you have an attic which gives you the chance to do it, just do it. All the space you get, will be like gold for you. In addition, building a mezzanine, reveals to be the brilliant idea best suiting to spaces optimisation. Try to imagine: a mezzanine kitchen provided with relax room, mezzanine ladder and a bookshelf all setup below the ladder. All placed at the corner.

As far as corners as concerned, generating hidden ones, maybe building a recess in a wall, can be a smart space-saving solution. For instance, if I had an under-stair storage unit, I would install built in drawers  into it. They would help me to keep everything tidy: kids’ toys, my wife’s shoes and my winter coats. What’s more, you can let somebody build a storage drawer between staircases, turning hidden space into precious ones.

Think vertical

By contrast, if you’re not lucky enough to have high ceilings containing domestic staircase, you could exploit low height just enhancing the sense of depth. How? That’s easy question. Very often, you can find unused space between the ceiling and the wall unit. Selecting bigger wall units could minimize lack of storage. In addition, hanging elements can surely make your eyes looking up; opt for this trick to increase your house in value. Pick some shelves, and create distinguished levels through which you can store daily tools, magazines, books, Cds or Blue-Ray movies.

Make your space worthy and live better

Take into accout what I said as useful recommendations to maximise space in your house. Quite obviously, choice making depends on tastes and habits; and this is, as you already know, the key topic of this blog post: habits are hard to break, they are deathless, let say everlasting.

Conversely, home space has its own limits. We feel like we are locked in our house. At the beginning, and you must agree with us, everything is clear up in your mind: using only the space I need. Time after time, we slowly forget it, and we start using the limited space available. We begin collecting anything we have, we buy decorative, I would say, unuseful pieces stockpiling souvenirs from relatives and friends, including that horrible lamp given by your aunt living in Australia etc.

If you can live better  – as having available space in your house actually improves standard of living – start thinking over a renovation: get rid of old furniture, hire a proficient interior designer and a skilled architect. Take a look at specialised magazines and you’ll find what you need.

Though, before I go, let me tell you about loft ladders. If you have the chance to build a mezzanine, for example, but you don’t have enough space to design domestic staircases, loft ladder can be the right choice for you.

Fgm Scale company drafts and manufactures customised disappearing ladders, suitable to any requirements and any living environment. Take a closer look to our loft ladders and have fun drawing your sketch. You can start right away…  

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