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Maximizing the layout of your living surrounding: this is the design principle of modern-day homes. It means utilizing airspace becomes the ideal solution to transform a narrow space in a multi-room home. Reason why, today mezzanine plays the leading role to impart a greater sense of separation. It is the smart way that can really save you money preventing at the same time from bureaucracy’s bribes. Loft ladder lifts you up and the Fgm scale company is here to suggest you and end up with the good.

We always compare our loft ladders to a ghost. Yes, a ghost because it reveals to be the best ally you could ever have. That’s why we decided to call our product AutoAttic Ghost , a high tech item without shell, the latest invention developed by our company. A revolutionary device which combines the beauty and cozyness aiming to change the world of loft ladders design.

Nowadays, Ghost Loft Ladder is placed particularly to allow access to mezzanines as it takes up very little space. Furthermore, you can arrange your loft ladder to get into bookshelves, reading rooms and to suspended gardens. It is the real solution for any kind of space: whatever it is smaller or bigger. What you really need is to get the most out of your space designed to enjoy comfort and relaxation. What you deserve is to have instant, available solution. Ghost Loft Ladder solves all your problems. Just push on the remote button and it will close without any inconvenience. Finally you can have your own spot. Mezzanine is an absolute premium in many modern homes.

autoattic-ghost-vipMezzanine Loft Ladders: how to make your house open wide

Mezzanines are the versatile key to fit home and office together. It’s about creating a pleasant working environment but keeping a laid back atmosphere. One thing comes into your mind when you plan a home modeling: a READING BOOKS AREA. A relaxing atmosphere would be perfect to dedicate yourself to reading. Spending time in a comfortable space will make your daily reading undeniable. Here are some tips that may lead you to a cozy and intimate living space.

Reaching your mezzanine will be a piece of cake thanks to AutoAttic Ghost loft ladder. It is functional, without shell and manageable. Finally you can take a welcome break from daily stress: so just getting lost in a book while you are sipping an infusion.


Gaining access to a terrace or to a suspended garden

If you have an aesthetic pleasing terrace, why not indulge in a SUSPENDED GARDEN? At moment, it is the most stylish and contemporary inspiration. Hanging garden makes your dream come true: looking out the balcony and finding yourself in a greenland. Make a convenient choice! A landscape giving you the ticket for accenting your place and increasing the value of your house. Trasforming your poor and unused terrace into a gardening realm, gives a touch of personality to living surrounding. Hanging garden system brings many benefits becoming the trend design of the moment in Italy but also in Europe. Recovering seems to be the first rule to follow especially when we talk about green sustainable solutions. Suspended garden can serve a variety of functions, for example planting biological products which provide reliability and safety.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

After several years the AutoAttic Ghost loft ladder replaced the traditional winding staircase. The latter has been used as it produced efficient space-saving and offered a different way to climb up to upper floors. Its alternative shape was the ideal interior decorating idea. Today things have changed: a clever way to add space to your home is getting a loft ladder with no shell. Think about it.

Motorized loft ladder makes your life easierIMG_1011-225x300

All situations metioned above show you how our motorized loft ladder makes things better. How? By means of an handy remote, you can easily open and close your device just pushing the button. A quiet low power electric engine letting your device to operate even in case of power outage…yes you read it right!When power loss occurs our motorized loft ladders still work thanks to backup battery providing until thirty electric operations. We cannot consider our product only a traditional loft ladder but it is a real accessory. Think about a picture you can hang on wherever you want, getting the highest level of comfort, safety and optimizing spaces around you. When you figure out your mezzanine, your reading books area and your hanging garden let yourself be served by the ghost. Compare our loft ladder to a ghost. You can easily hang on everywhere without sacrificing space.






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