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“What a great example of hard working people in Italy!”. Here is a comment posted by Mr Andrea Nobilio, one of our customers, saying thank you to our company for the excellent service provided. Positive feedback just get us extremely excited encouraging our team moving forward and working for customers’ demands. No pretence but just a way to say “thank you” for solving the issue.

Loft ladders: what our customers say

This is one of several ways of customers’ appreciation of product. Fgm Scale company has finally labelled as ‘rare example of a country at work’. Our ladders, whether they are loft, attic, mezzanine, terrace model, AutoAttic Vip or AutoAttic Ghost version are safe and quick to operate. What we get by customers’ comments is that they are not afraid to emphasize beauty and comfort of tools we are offering them.

All you can have is the perfect synchrony with a silent engine all designed to preserve the environment. More specifically, customers are happy with services provided especially with the product assembly, always according to the latest technologies. This is what we found out about one of our customers experience in using a loft ladder. Mr Maurizio Bellasio reveals: “the ladder is beautiful as well as functional, it takes only 19 minutes to assemble it”. Quick delivery service (despite adverse weather conditions), customer assistance in real time, expertise, competence and kindness. It is a great product; I suggest it to all of you”.

100% true appreciation makes us feel proud of what we have achieved over the latest years. We like taking the risk without defence. This is the reason why we strive to deliver new products. Optional elements and assemblies are relevant in today’s market. In addition, they can surely match the living environment ensuring a perfect and cosy atmosphere. This way customers get exactly what they need. Fgm Scale is ready to meet and sort out matters. Let be honest: company has a work craving. Working well to gain a more valuable Made in Italy.

Everyone has to preserve this guiding value in order to do the best we can. Mr Kaino in his last comment says: “I offer my congratulations on your company as you did a great job solving my problem. I installed the wall ladder up to the mezzanine inside my garage and it works perfectly; we were two of us climbing up and carrying an heavy trunk without any stability problems. I use it nearly every day -he underlined- and I found that bolts or any other mechanical components kept intact without damages. Good job again.”

Nowadays it is hard to find an innovative company like the Fgm Scale; our company is not afraid to hide its world, reason why our website gives you the chance to discover each corner of it. Feedback is a critical component of our business world. However, somebody might think reviews will just help to make profits. That’s absolutley wrong. Although, positive comments might boost sales, imagine how frustrating it would be if people left only negative feedback…Total disaster…Isn’t it??

As a matter of fact, feedback is a double-edged sword. Always keeping in mind that, at the end of the day customer is always right. In this regard, browsing some more reviews, we decided to quote one given by Mister Alvin Wee who some time ago bought an ‘AutoAttic Vip’ loft ladder on our website. 

alvin_5-293x300Loft ladders breaking into international markets

Mr Alvin Wee lives in Singapore and he got one of our loft ladders. When we asked him what he likes the most about the product he replied: “We managed easily to install the loft ladder. I was very amazed after assessing the efficiency of your product; moreover, my customer was thrilled to test it. Your loft ladder is equipped with a high performance engine, which is compact and noiseless. Simply said, it is perfection!

I am astonished by its synchrony and refinement. I just want to say thank you for the fantastic job you have been doing. I am determined to promote and to launch it into the market”. When we talk about business performance, companies used to rely on word of mouth. Today, social networks have completely changed the system being at the same time very beneficial to sales growth. However, we believe work ethic never changed: working hard pays off. No need to overdo, this is our mission.

Passion we put into great product achievement is the first value our company pursues. One more feedback will give you an idea of it. And this is what it would rank first inside feedback list : “reliable and accurate seller”. The perfect combination! Just to give you one more evidence of what we are trying to say, in 2012, Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, published a report on Global Trust in Advertising. The report claimed that online feedback are essential to running ecommerce.

Survey has revealed that 28,000 online end users of 56 countries in 5 continents place reviews to second position receiving 70% of global liking (+ 15% in the latest 4 years). In the last decade, Ecommerce gave new tools to existing customers. We are referring to those who have already purchased but also to others estimating the probability of purchase on a certain website.

Ecommerce is not just a mean for potential and existing customers; it also implies a useful platform for sellers willing to raise their visibility on World Wide Web: precisely, customers’ feedback are building sellers’ reputation in terms of trust and in order to convince customers to buy products they want. Specifically on trust factor, it plays an important role overcoming any kind of barriers; reason why customers are increasingly placing orders via phone or trough online order forms.

A new Ecommerce website to buy loft ladders

This kind of sale and purchase system leads to dedicated interactive and dynamics sections in which customers take the opportunity to tell about their experience in order to improve sales reputation and performance. In order to guide customers with purchases, a feedback area has been added to support product choice. Go inside our feedback section and you will find:

Online feedback: a special feedback section where you can leave comments or share images and videos too;

Ease to use: each of you can post quick comments in the easiest way. An intuitive system will let you to operate easily;

E-mail reminder: few days after placing your order, we will be sending you an-email asking for reviews. Little effort to inform our customer about this interactive option;

Full transparency: we give voice to customers without banning them to express what they really think about the product. We strongly believe negative comments matter in the way they help us to grow professionally. We can proudly say we always provide effective response to our customers, and this is proved by fact we didn’t receive any negative reviews so far;

Only real feedback may be permitted: our mission is to show only what we actually get;

Social networks strengthened the relationship between seller and buyer. A direct and interactive platform through which the product comes always first. Therefore, we invite you to not miss the chance to get started with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Stay connected with us and be free to ask for recommendation or just to leave comments. Click on share button and take the opportunity to report or to share online contents.This kind of system provides and increases online discussion forums.

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