AutoAttic® &AutoAttiv Vip ® Motorized Loft Ladders

Manual Loft Ladders are functional though

Loft Ladders give the greatest comfort for your daily life activities. However, living surrounding spaces don’t always provide you with ideal conditions especially when you have to lock and release a Roll Away Ladder.
By the way, try to imagine a manually operated Ladder: getting easily access to mezzanine, going down to storage, climbing up to the loft area or more reaching the terrace. You will soon realize how tough and troublesome can be just to open or close it. To be honest, it is not the most suitable ladder for everyone. Thus, a question comes to mind: Why do you make life so complicated when you can finally getting things right?

Motorized Loft Ladders make your life easier!

If you think of all the applications we have above mentioned a Motorized Ladder can definitely make your life better. How? Automatic controlling system will allow you to open and close the ladder by simply clicking on remote. Supplied with a Low Sound level and Power Saving Motorized System, loft ladder will activate itself through folding and unfolding procedures even during power outage. Yes! You read it right. Our range of Motorized Loft Ladders ensure power self-sufficiency up to thirty switching operations thanks to back up battery.

Motorized Loft Ladders are little more expensive than manual Loft Ladders

That’s right. A Motorized Loft Ladder is little more expensive than manual version however it offers much more in terms of handiness, reliability and endurance. Here below, you will find our selection of models suiting all your needs. Technical file, specifications and prices are all included. Choose the right Motorized Loft Ladder for you. You won’t regret it!

Motorized Concertina "AutoAttic Vip ®"

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Motorized Concertina "AutoAttic ®"

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Motorized Terrace "AutoAttic Vip ®"

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Motorized Mezzanine "AutoAttic Ghost Vip ®"

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Motorized Mezzanine "AutoAttic Ghost ®"

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Motorized Wall "AutoAttic Vip ®"

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