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Folding Terrace Ladder

Base Price  909,00

Terrace folding ladder, can be commonly used by trained staff. This typology of ladder is comfortable and safe in order to look at technical room where access is allowed to professionals. Being a safe and resistant ladder, it confers more solidity during using stage.

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Product Complete Description

Terrace ladder is considered the top market product for access gaining to outdoor living spaces, where solving any kind of problems, especially technical malfunctions, may be needed. This kind of ladder can only be manual, being lowered from bottom floor. Using system is always the same as it has been designed by means of heavy-duty spring system. The ladder proved to be more stable and extremely safe. It is validated according to EN UNI 14975:2010 Certification with load max capacity until kg 260 to the middle of the ramp. This ladder can be equipped until heights of 4,5 m. It is extremely comfortable, stable and sturdy. It is the easiest and safest way to climb up to outdoors flooring.

Terrace Ladders: pricing

Terrace ladder starts with base price changing according to extra optional accessories chosen by the customer. Ladder can be customized meeting customer’s needs.

Choosing a Terrace Folding Ladder

Terrace Folding is the best way to support seasoned professionals doing maintenance works on outdoor levels. It is the easiest way to do inspections as you save a lot of time. Moreover, it definetely helps you putting more money in your pocket as you don’t renting any stages. Only technical detail to be taken into consideration: it is a 50×90 hatch hole minimum dimensions with 270 internal floor to ceiling height.

Standard folding ladder can be provided with both left and right handrail. Multilayer panel and Windstop can be added as well.

Technical specifications

Folding Terrace Ladder
  • Galvanized steel frame sinew ZN 200 12/10 thick
  • Zinc-coated tubular ashlars 50x25x1,5
  • Steel step DX 13 15/10 thick
  • Steel Handrail 15x15x1,5mm
  • Zinc-coated tubular Grab bar 15x15x1,5
  • Zinc-coated steel ‘L’ shaped handle ZN 200
  • Chipboard Wooden Hatch opening mm 16 exempt from formaldehyde
  • Laminated steel Ladder cluster group mm 5
  • Robotic welding
  • Galvanization with no hexavalent chromium
  • Weight Kg 50 + 70

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Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity UNI EN 10204 N°10413220320 N°10413220320

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External zinc-coating, being internally smartly dressed with multilayered wood panel 16mm of 9 layers, protected with anti-mould solution.
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Insulating solution designated to prevent dust and draughts.
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Click clack device ensures automatic unlocking and locking of the ladder.
"Total control" unit, let the ladder operates both by means of remote and wall keyboard.
Stratified wood made of 5 layers.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers. Lighter, more resistant and
Right and left handrail equipped ladder.
Led AccessoryTwo led strips are installed on panel, being operated by remote, ensuring performance both with or without power. By clicking simultaneously the two buttons of remote, you can still use led light as a lamp, irrespective of ladder employment.
Courier will be texting you asking for day and time of delivery.
Ceiling safety access step.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers.
Ceiling useful access support.
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Move handrail to left.
Ceiling safety access steps.
Customize hatch color of the panel.
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