Motorized Mezzanine AutoAttic Ghost LadderMotorized Mezzanine AutoAttic Ghost Ladder 01
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Motorized Mezzanine “AutoAttic Ghost®” Ladder

Base Price  659,00

We decided to give “AutoAttic Ghost®” ladder name as this kind of tool can be compared to a ghost that never leaves but can still be your friend. It is a new idea of ladder, conceived as a tool for all purposes. Let’s think about a picture you can safely and comfortably hang everywhere at the same time optimizing all spaces around you.

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Product Complete Description

Ghost: the Mezzanine Ladder

Mezzanine ladder can be considered as the real Made in Italy product. A piece of furniture conveying the ‘Pride to be Italian’ message. That’s come true, only thanks to our talented engineers and to FGM Scale professional experience. Cantilevered Ghost ladder has the extraordinary feature to be ‘invisible’ in most of people’s eyes, keeping maximum design. You can call it the real revolution of mezzanine ladders: this luxurious tool has not framework avoiding anybody to get hatch-access. More reasons to get rid of things stealing spaces from small living surroundings. The ladder needs to be installed on a quite firm support plus can be used any time you want. Starting up is always possible by means of remote, letting the ladder locking and releasing. The ladder is stable and safe; moreover it is manufactured to standard requirements with tread max. capacity load of 260 Kg and max height of 3m. It allows to gain access to mezzanines, attics and bookcases, and more can be fitted on luxury goods (i.e. sailing yacht). Least but not last, don’t forget you can even install it to get to tree house.

Ghost ladder makes the user more relaxed and safer as well, taking into account the possibility of its locking system.

We look far away into the future.

Mezzanine Ladders: pricing

The “AutoAttic Ghost” version has a base price including all needed for a proper and safe installing. Adding optional accessories or choosing different outfittings will change the final price.

Choosing the Mezzanine ladder

When you want to look at the sky enjoying your freedom, mezzanine ladder is the right choice for you. We are talking about a retractable ladder suiting special needs. Do you want to have access to a bookcase or even to a tree house? Ghost ladder is at your fingertips.

Technical specifications

Motorized Mezzanine “AutoAttic Ghost®” Ladder
  • Steel pantograph lever DC 13 15/10 thick
  • Steel step DX 13 15/10 thick
  • Steel Handrail Ø25 Ø30 Ø35 zinc-coated tubular mm 1,5
  • Laminated steel Ladder cluster group mm 5
  • Laminate Supporting plate 5 mm
  • Electric galvanization free from hexavalent chromium
  • Robotic welding
  • Galvanization with no hexavalent chromium
  • Polycarbonate remote
  • Automatic locking/releasing around 30” each cycle
  • Linear actuator DC 110/220 volt
  • Safety dead- man manual switch
  • Weight Kg 60

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Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity UNI EN 10204 N°10413220320 N°10413220320

Technical Files

Static Load Capacity Test

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External zinc-coating, being internally smartly dressed with multilayered wood panel 16mm of 9 layers, protected with anti-mould solution.
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Insulating solution designated to prevent dust and draughts.
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Click clack device ensures automatic unlocking and locking of the ladder.
"Total control" unit, let the ladder operates both by means of remote and wall keyboard.
Stratified wood made of 5 layers.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers. Lighter, more resistant and
Right and left handrail equipped ladder.
Led AccessoryTwo led strips are installed on panel, being operated by remote, ensuring performance both with or without power. By clicking simultaneously the two buttons of remote, you can still use led light as a lamp, irrespective of ladder employment.
Courier will be texting you asking for day and time of delivery.
Ceiling safety access step.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers.
Ceiling useful access support.
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Move handrail to left.
Ceiling safety access steps.
Customize hatch color of the panel.
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