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Motorized Wall AutoAttic Vip® Ladder

Base Price  1.509,00

The Motorized Wall AutoAttic Vip ladder joins perfectly practicality and invisibility thanks to its perpendicular hatch which rotates autonomously at 180° degrees. Just one single-click on remote and you will find out a new way to maximize your space, whatever is a mezzanine, a vertical wall or a detached garage. Its mechanism provides a silent and safe functioning. Thanks to its back up battery the ladder will always operate even in case of electrical malfunction.

Customize and Buy it

Product Complete Description

It conveys perfectly the concept of retractable ladder: it is nearly invisible. You can install it along the wall allowing a practical use without any efforts. The AutoAttic Vip ladder family enables magnetic panel inspection at any time, even when the ladder is locked up. The panel is not an essential component for the ladder functioning as it just provides an aesthetic cover. However, it offers great benefit being intact and without holes; reason why it can be customized according to needs. Full safety ensured by UNI EN 14975:2010 certification which is as well synonym of solidity with tread max load capacity of 260 Kg and max height of 3m.

Highest safety and reliability

It is extremely versatile thanks to its back up lithium battery always active and working for deployment if needed. Moreover, user won’t never perceive its functioning. It is provided with a safe anti-collision device which temporary arrests the ladder avoiding impact of any obstacles and conferring safety even to the youngest users.

Motorized Wall Ladder

The AutoAttic Vip ladder version is the company’s highest technology expression. It can be equipped with Total Control Unit which let it operate by means of remote and wall keyboard. You can opt for led panel or click clack drive.

Choosing the pantograph ladder

If you have a private living place, this kind of pantograph ladder is the ideal solution for you. This kind of ladder can still perfectly match any sort of surroundings. Stop worrying about possible electrical malfunction: remote system make the ladder still perfectly works. Any words to describe it? Literally Top ladder. Its unique low sound level feature is unique and it perfectly combines with any kind of interior home design.

Motorized Wall Ladder: pricing

Our steel wall ladder is an extremely practical and functional product. It might be a an upmarket product in some cases, anyway it is for all pockets. It can be equipped with double handrail (right and left sides) or with led panel which will light up your compartment. Purchase price will vary according to configuration needed.

Technical specifications

Motorized Wall AutoAttic Vip® Ladder

Technical specifications

  • Galvanized steel frame sinew ZN 200 15/10 thick
  • Steel pantograph lever DC 13 15/10 thick
  • Zinc-coated steel 'L' shaped handle 5 mm
  • Chipboard Wooden Hatch opening mm 16 exempt from formaldehyde
  • Laminated steel Ladder cluster group mm 5
  • Robotic welding
  • Steel remote
  • Total Control Unit, switch, Anti-collision device and Power Supply
  • Lithium back up battery
  • Automatic locking/releasing around 40” each cycle
  • Linear actuator 2 pieces 24 dc 110/220 volt
  • Safety dead- man manual switch
  • Sealed Galvanization with no hexavalent chromium
  • Weight Kg 90

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Product Certifications

Certificate of ConformityUNI EN 14975:2010

Static Load Capacity Test

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External zinc-coating, being internally smartly dressed with multilayered wood panel 16mm of 9 layers, protected with anti-mould solution.
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Insulating solution designated to prevent dust and draughts.
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Click clack device ensures automatic unlocking and locking of the ladder.
"Total control" unit, let the ladder operates both by means of remote and wall keyboard.
Stratified wood made of 5 layers.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers. Lighter, more resistant and
Right and left handrail equipped ladder.
Led AccessoryTwo led strips are installed on panel, being operated by remote, ensuring performance both with or without power. By clicking simultaneously the two buttons of remote, you can still use led light as a lamp, irrespective of ladder employment.
Courier will be texting you asking for day and time of delivery.
Ceiling safety access step.
Stratified wood made of 9 layers.
Ceiling useful access support.
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Move handrail to left.
Ceiling safety access steps.
Customize hatch color of the panel.
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