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On one side, investigating the Pros and Cons of Ladders’ uses can be a child’s play for ladders manufacturers. On the other side, exploring the vast world of ladders  might make troubles for potential ladders customers. Is it better to get a Pantograph ladder? Or fitting a permanent ladder? Is it the right choice to get an automatic ladder or better to buy a winding one? These are possible concerns crowding potential buyer’s mind. We might even borrow, with all respect, one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated quote taken from the Hamlet ‘…that is the question?’

Don’t be scared. FGM Ladders is the right answer for all your problems.

Winding ladder at your home

Fgm ladders is ready to give you any suggestions helping you to save time and money. First step, before picking between rolling ladder or winding one, you have to consider living compartment space. If you have short room all around, then better to choose a rolling ladder.

However, you can always adopt winding ladder but you have to take into account that it is a permanent ladder which must be fitted on the floor ‘stealing’ therefore space from daily activities.

As regards attic ladder, it could be the proper tool for you as it is practical, safe and at the same time can be locked and released any time you need. Moreover, you can use the automatic one with no effort from you.

It’s a unique luxury which saves room from living surroundings, especially if you live in a small house-place. By the way, FGM ladders is proud to assert his first priority: optimizing spaces.

Winding or spiral Ladders are commonly used inside modern design houses as they lend a more glamorous style to living surroundings. Although they keep many benefits to enjoy from, they still have many disadvantages. One advantage, is the handrail load capacity: everything becomes so easier and convenient. But now, suppose you have to carry boxes to upper level: isn’t it a big effort climbing it up? Yes, it is indeed. Winding ladder wouldn’t be the right answer as its turns shape make you difficult going up with big loads. In addition it has a locking system so it isn’t so practical to use.

Furthermore, winding ladder is put trough a higher daily use so it is more likely to maintenance works. But, let us say, ladies meditate on cleaning works. Unlike retractable ladder, spiral one is more feasible to dirt or dust. Retractable ladders are easy-to-use thanks to its plain shape, designing a real climbing stairs.

Retractable ladder is more efficient as you can activate it just by clicking on remote. For example if you have guests in your house you can hide or even show it off thanks to its automatic system. FGM ladder gives you the chance to choose your favourite ladder pre-viewing it on the FGM ladders website. Obviously, it will depend on your personal preference with the possibility to customize it and to decide about delivery conditions. At this stage, we will be tailoring your ladder type and you will become our engineers.

Unfortunately winding ladder pricing is not so cheap as well. Costs of fitting a winding ladder will include design works which need to blend it with its surrounding.

 Loft ladders benefits and e-commerce big selection

Please visit our range of Loft ladders on our website, and you won’t find any intermediary costs, only origin prices to learn about. Our Loft Ladders are provided with incomparable installation and unbeatable load capacity. You are welcome to check our big selection of different sizes and models: parallelogram indoors loft ladders , automatic loft ladders, retractable ladders for terraces and attics, and retractable vertical ladders. Our folding ladders are supplied with a ceiling hatch. If you won’t find your customised ladder don’t hesitate to contact us.

The invisible ladder is usually used for indoors. Being installed on a rectangular or square ceiling opening, it can be manually lowered or be automatically activated by means of the remote. Our ladder is made of steel and it can be conceived as concertina or sliding sections designed. There are as well folding versions available for terraces, walls or lofts. Therefore, they can also be adopted to gain access to roof for example for solar panels or drainpipes maintenance works. Just don’t forget….Safety first with our ladders.

Loft ladders benefits: they make your access to storage loft easier, providing you privacy, as you can always automatically lock, any time you need, just by clicking on the remote, even from upper floor. The Loft ladder meet any technical and safety requirements and guarantees a practical usage.

Space optimization: loft ladder doesn’t need any more room while lowering and locking as it’s like it’s hiding inside the loft. This means, that inside the compartment, wherein the ladder has been set up, you have 100% of room available.

Easy installation operation: our installation system makes your ladder easier to use. Moreover we provide our customer with an already assembled ladder thanks to our setting up kit. You just need to hook it up.

Practical Customer Care: standard manufacturing procedure allow our customer to value technical details since the first stage of production, as we design and test the ladder according standard requirements and it is ready to be used whatever you need.  

Warranty: all our online products have, according to law, 2-years guarantee. It is in compliance with ISO EN UN 14975: 2006 Certification plus it has kg 260 max capacity load.

Accessories: Fgm ladders offers a wide range of loft ladders accessories which give you the chance to customise your purchase always suiting your needs.

Winding Staircases Cons: permanent ladders make your daily activities harder. But what more inconvenient is all costs that imply. They need to match your design furniture and it requires an expert advice. Spiral shape doesn’t allow you to climbing up or down easily especially when carrying loads, or enjoying private time.

Space optimization: as we said, spiral staircases are permanent ladders hooked on the ground, so they take room. Consequently, you can’t optimize 100% of your living surroundings.

Easy-to-set up: to be honest, not so easy at all! Ladder kit is not assembled, so you have to install the ladder from the beginning to end. Reason why you need somebody expert to  help you.

Comfortable Customer Care: excellent standard of the product, however, installation is not a child’s game.

Warranty: according to the manufacturer the product is in compliance with law.

Accessories: choosing the proper accessories might be confusing so expert advice is needed.

Choosing the perfect ladder should be easy and personal. However, only specific and needed parameters makes you do the proper choice for your home-place.

We welcome you by Fgm Ladders to be executive part of our team selecting the product which best suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to dare. Life Revolution is at your fingertips. You only need to move along the right path, choose Fgm ladders and you won’t regret. What are you waiting for? We promise you the best ladder ever.

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