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Solar panels are a good solution to supply electricity. However, when you decide on going solar you have to deal with installation and maintenance costs. Let’s see together when and which European countries worth of house photovoltaic system.

Environmental benefits, big saving on electricity bill and complete energy self-sufficiency might look as a mirage in the immediate future. Well, it is actually something which is happening right now and we call it photovoltaics.

Question inevitably coming to your mind will be: when installing a photovoltaic system is a good value for money? Before giving you an answer, it is necessary to make a digression to learn about how photovoltaic technology works. After all, everybody knows that before buying stuff there’s information you absolutely have to know in order to weigh up pros and cons. Especially when you have to get solar panels which can have a quite considerable economic impact on you.

What is a photovoltaic system?

casa con impianto fotovoltaico

Here we are: let’s talk about energy self-sufficiency. Before looking at costs and maintenaince guidelines, it is necessary, as I said before, to explain what photovoltaics is.

To tell you shortly, photovoltaics is a system which converts sunlight into electricity. Obviously, this kind of device works in a complex way plus it is made of large number of components. Just for the records this is not a construction blog – and showing you every single component is last of my intentions; anyway, I can’t help mentioning two of them which are extremely essential for its functioning.

  • Inverter
  • Solar panels

Needless to say, solar panels are the most important part in the entire solar energy system –  besides being the most visible one. They provide an essential function: they catch sun’s energy and convert it into power. And here the Inverter will come into play. This small bit allows direct electricity converting into alternating current.

On the contrary, talking about different models becomes a little bit complicated. Market offers a myriad of variables and it is very easy to get scammed. Most popular of them are monocrystalline and polycristalline solar panels. First models are more efficient, while second ones are cheaper. Furthemore, you can also explore the world of thin-film and concentrated solar panels, but they are still exclusive products at higher price so they are more suitable for commercial and industrial use.

Now you have become more familiar with the subject, we will discover together if it is convenient for you to install a home photovoltaic system.

When it’s convenient to install a photovoltaic system?

Before giving an answer to the question you need to take into account several factors. House position definitely affects energy efficiency, consequently it is impossible to gain power exclusively from the inverter.

One more essential factor to consider is that getting a photovoltaic system will cost you significantly and unfortunately subsidies granted by the government (with reference to Italian government) expired long time ago, precisely on July 2013.

It must be said that energy self-sufficiency will help you to save on power bill making your investment a great deal. An efficient photovoltaic system will pay you off average in 4-8 years. When I say efficient, I’m talking about a system being installed by skilled and qualified company. Did you know that company installing solar panels will take charge of administrative procedure? So, now you know that calling skilled workers will avoid many inconveniences to you.

Where you can install your photovoltaics?

uomini durante installazione pannelli fotovoltaici

Next step is being aware if you can actually install a photovoltaic system. You can put solar panels on any external surfaces. Logically, if you live in an apartment block things get a little bit tough for you, but if you live in a detached house you can easily opt for roof positioning. However, you need to follow some criteria, such as for example:

  • space available (each panel takes a surface of 10×10 cm)
  • solar panels grading should be between 10° and 35°
  • solar panels surface should face towards south, south-east or south-west (it ensures greater sun rays exposure)
  • make sure there’s no chimneys, trees and other stuff which may affect actual exposure
  • hatch and a motorized loft ladder are the ideal solution to gain access to the ceiling where you installed your photovoltaic system

Taking into account the last point of the list, I would like to stress that according to law, maintenance works should be done safely. For this reason, don’t consider a motorized loft ladder as an option.

Photovoltaic system: a life choice

This little divagation about solar panels is coming to an end. I hope I helped you to make your ideas clear on this not-so-popular subject. I believe that we should start talking more about it, always according real needs and budget of course. That is a completely different story for European countries where alternative energies have a widespread interest.

Thinking about getting solar panels means caring. Caring about environment; managing your checking account, caring about other people.

If you have also decided on installing a photovoltaic system so changing your life, just ask to FGM Scale for a free estimate of a motorized loft ladder. FGM Scale, leading company specialized in loft ladders manufacturing, will make your first step to energy self-sufficiency.

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