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House, storages and room volumes have always limited spaces. You might think: “here we go again, it is always the same story!” You spent years and months collecting stuff, trying not to get rid of items. However, you struggled to gain space, even the narrowest and darkest spots to stock your objects. That becomes an issue, when homestades are very small and you can’t manage spaces as you want. Evolving times and cost rising are leading us to buy little houseplaces and it means exploiting space giving room to breathe and placing stuff appropriately.

We are talking about items, those ones you have to keep to be used again, always giving the eye to the whatnot which needs to be dusted after many years. At the present time, tiny houses are achieving resounding success; that’s why they make strong appeal: reasons behind this boom are several, such as they offer space saving solutions and they are usually inside old buildings with split level design.Modern-Mezzanine-Design-12-300x200

Today, this kind of measurements are not allowed for new buildings.

In this case, the purpose for comfort has been achieved without any construction works, getting more out of unused environments by means of a focused and personal layout. People usually set up mezzanines on upper floors where stairs are turned into retractable ladders. Retractable ladder is the right choice as it matches perfectly shrunken spaces: it can be left open as a design piece of furniture otherwise being locked in order to have more available room. So, getting to the point, it is a ladder having different features and leading up to top areas.

Loft ladder tricks to get to mezzanine

Opting for a mezzanine to gain more space inside homes with lack of room especially house for single people, studio flats or just high ceiling flats waiting to be maximised. Nonetheless, useful spaces are wasted due to not well designed or less functional ladders. Reason why, overvaluing the environment through a mezzanine ladder is now a crucial matter. Therefore, you can take advantage of it to create more space inside your living area. 


Mezzanine ladder to create storage

Taking a closer look to it, you won’t notice it is a ladder but a kind of sideboard (basement and cellar), or better a real design component which combines appearance and performance. We would like to show you a small flat all furnished in a clever and tasteful ways by means of ideas to utilize your space appropriately, giving originality, functionality and design effects.

White flat decoring for a minimal style

Welcome to an amazing swedish flat characterised by fully white background. A clean design with minimal but brilliant tricks. Wide windows, a cozy and unfinished fireplace, a bookshelf replacing the whole wall, white oak flooring and total white walls are some of the details arranging this nice scandinavian houseplace. The kitchen has been designed to warmly welcoming to high number of guests.


What it stands out, is the contrast between plainness of environments and the liveness of bright colours coming from children bedroom. In particular, what hits the nail on the head is the silver loft ladder blending into a very carefully with attention to detail area. House is a reflection of the owner’s personality. Having taste and eye make the difference for home design.

Tiny houses, as well as big homesteads have to be properly handled. First rule to follow is not to waste available spaces. For example, if there’s a stairs, you will find an under-stair storage unit: you can absolutely exploit this small area to place a customised but useful and functional bookshelf. Or, you can use a retractable ladder dismantling an ostructive object.

Living room, kitchen and dining room can be joined together in one environment. As a matter of fact, today the Open space is a must have. You can obtain a large and definite area getting a roll away kitchen taking all encumbrances away. After that, if have more room available, you can add a table with chairs, a small couch, a short Tv cabinet and and shelf with a smart lamp on top: thus you will have a kitchen and a living room all in the same room. Remove pieces of furniture and pick a roll away millwork.

If in your bedroom you have space just for a two or three shutter door wardrobe, don’t panic, just opt for a bed with storage and stow everything you can; maximise any free spot of the room, by placing wicker baskets. If you haven’t any space for bedside tables, you could put up over the bed a long shelf which will be useful for your needs. If you live in a loft you can increase space by building a separate level, converting it into a big bedroom equipped with shower.

flat1_140110_021-300x209If your children bedroom is very small, the only choice to opt for it is a bunk bed and hanging several shelves to the wall: they’re going to be useful to store books and toys. However, you can supply a bunk bed with a retractable ladder. It is a kind of ladder, which we call it the “ghost”. It is a safe tool replacing the “old” rung ladder which doesn’t offer safety. As an alternative to bunk bed, you could buy a “living cube”, providing a modern touch to your room; instead of the traditional bed, you will have a glove compartment on which you can place TV, DVD player or your books collection. To summarise, “I remind you, every room of your home there is a workable solution to optimise space”.  




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