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In the past everybody needed a loft ladder; for this reason handcrafted wooden three-section ladder was one of the essential tool for home. Through the centuries, the process of industrialization changed the way things were made, so that today the steel concertina loft ladder is more likely to be found. This kind of version is occasionally used to gain access to house service rooms, lofts, garrets, utility rooms, attics and terraces.

From wooden ladder to steel ladder: overview.

If in some countries the use of steel material is predominant, as it doesn’t deteriorate easily, others tend to prefer wood for housing. As regards, let’s take the example of Northern countries: they endorse wooden ladders because,

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they mean home as a cozy, warm environment far from steel material and security requirements. In fact, at the beginning woodworkers drove the market with the aim to achieve a high quality product as it reflected both aesthetics and home style. Handmade processing techniques were then replaced by tested and qualified manufacturing process, which began to provide uniformity, continuity and stability in production layout.

Factories undertook sequential manufacturing process, increasing the range of products and testing their goods in compliance with standards requirements.

This has become a real demand in order to shape a unique and safe loft ladder. This is what a commercial product is meant to be.

Today’s ladder.

Accordingly, although northern people still promote wooden folding ladders, this trend is disappearing in the latest years. By the way, making a wooden ladder isn’t so difficult.

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Usually, a carpenter is able to draft it in a blink of an eye, despite the lack of standards criteria to implement a safe product. In particular, what you need to make a rung ladder is two rods on which one tread is installed; while if you would like a three or four section ladder you just need to ‘cut’ it into segments.

However, we can say traditional craftsmanship market is now over.

Nowadays, companies invest money to refine every single part being useful to convert a folding ladder in a loft ladder.

FGM Scale company is constantly growing and it keeps on making investments to meet customer needs, especially when they climb up and down the ladder.

Our plant staff employ coils (steel bands) for moulding machines to produce parts and metalware assemblies for our range of loft ladders.

It is a production line requiring wide plants and next generation equipment; a system which involves a robot welding process, monitored assembly and last but not least a focus on design methods and product models.

These are all joining puzzle pieces of a wider market connected to the construction industry, a faraway world from the traditional craftsman workshop.

Modern times: the ladder in motion

Our business concept and market request are pushing us in a different direction from folding ladder. Everybody in

Fgm scale

Fgm scale

Europe knows what a folding ladder is, although today modernity is imposing the production and commercialisation of pantograph concertina ladder.

It is a phenomenon, which in the last decade, has led to the concept of ‘ladder in motion’. It means that you don’t have to waste efforts when you want to climb up or down an attic ladder.

It is equipped by a remote allowing you to operate it even from upper floors.

But now, close your eyes and try to figure out what I’m saying: “if you need a pole to provide opening of your wood ladder, now you just simply have to click your remote button and by yourself getting your ladder down or up in complete safety and autonomy.

The product reveals to be a highly reliable partner even in case of a power shortage.

AutoAttic Vip loft ladder has been designed for our customers. It can be customized with panel led so that performing three functions: it remains steadily lighted when moving; it works as lamp; it operates as safety light. No maintenance required. Let’s face it: this is something you can’t even imagine by using a wooden ladder.

Our customers, our designers.

Thanks to e-commerce, you are the real designer of your item. That’s why we like to think of you as architect of your

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houses. No doubt, this kind of approach makes you satisfied with your new product, taking into account how we feel proud to be able to help.

Forget about artisan workshops. Now, industrial production is consolidating the role of leadership for the market. A competent company, located in Italy, where materials have been previously selected to make a successful product.

We have succeeded and we go beyond for you. Being competitive with our peers would be the proof to be better than expected!

As always in retail, the last word will always be with the customers. Reason why, we invite you to try our loft ladders, and don’t forget to give us your feedback on our blog post.

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