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Once upon a time… when the Italian ‘Postalmarket’ purchase magazine used to be the traditional way of doing shopping and purchases were delivered via National Postal Service to houses. Ten years later, everything has changed: building construction market has been moving along the path of progress until today where selling have turned out to be completely evolved.

Production and direct selling

At the moment, the Italian prepaid and rechargeable ‘postepay’ card rules out the world of purchases, allowing people to shop online in the easiest and fastest way. The word ‘postepay’ comes from ‘poste’, the Italian word which indicates Italian National Postal Service, referring to the ‘old’ practice of buying items delivered afterwards to your home, although it got totally better.
Even large scale retail distribution (in Italian ‘GDO’ Grande Distribuzione organizzata) is undergoing a huge loss caused by French DIY (do-it-yourself) that sells products imported from other countries shifting sales routes. It is a new marketing process, which pushed retail distribution industries to promote imports products at lower price in order to compete with those who recently started direct selling.

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Anyway, let’s go back in time. Think about when before buying something we used to go to warehouses or malls in general. Troublesome places very far from home to get to by car and that feeling of frustration rising up once getting there and browsing dusty, messy and rough shelves. A treasure hunt allowing you to take back home your purchase but (to be honest) a real waste of time; plus you have to manage all the stress coming from it.

Shop loft ladder online

You can choose, buy or modify, customise and pay for your order, just chilling out on the couch watching TV with your sleepers on and items will be delivered straight to your house. Benefit related to it is that you can easily make your purchase online. Fgm Scale company will take in charge your order which will be given to courier within twelve hours after receiving payment; delivery in Italy will take 36 hours.
Shopping your favourite loft ladder on our website will take only few minutes. This means welcoming to a new world of purchase in your life. Let us say it is a child’s play. In other words Fgm Scale company offers you the chance to visit our company, look trough the loft ladder that best suits your needs and make it deliver to your home in the most convenient way.

The continuing evolution of construction building market

Travelling back in time: history reminds us the development of warehouses. Small business owners promoted this kind of business; they realized, by means of delivery, they could store inside Home depots, beyond traditional items, other kind of materials such as: pottery; iron; wood and even broken stones.

Therefore, first construction building storages started to make a wide range of products available to everyone. During the ‘70s that became a real business boom with thriving future prospects. A new construction vision which meant, as a matter of fact, having the chance to see building material first-hand and choose the proper one for your dream home.

Home depots trade lasted for years until when, the evolution transformed the way we approach to living concept.

Direct selling and E-Commerce

Direct selling demand led to a specialization along industrial sectors. Thereby insulation, finishing and heavy materials began to be commonly used within construction building market.
However, nobody had ever specialised in ladders manufacturing before. This lack of qualification has driven manufacturers, also with the coming age of Internet, to look for new sales channel to adopt. Testing a distinctive sales means, which achieved great outcomes.

In the latest years despite number of websites has sharply increased , the eCommerce universe is still a concentrated market in which only twenty firms account for 64% of the sales. After witnessing the new economy outbreak wherein an average number of companies started up operating only on websites (pure player) , multichannel selling companies (doing not only online business but also in stores) prevailed on others gaining 63% of market share against 37% of those merchandising on internet.

Figures show large scale retail distribution missing out on sales with only 16% compared to food large scale retail distribution with just over 20% .

Fgm Scale company: the innovative player

Pure innovative companies players, like Fgm Scale company, can be defined as a category of firms (, which only sell goods online and develop ingenious approach to internet offering original products unlike

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traditional competitors. Products range proposed in terms of variety, availability, distinctiveness, pricing and services (users communities) mark the innovation of these players.
Statistics suggest the beginning of evolution in Italy, though the percentages are still in bad shape compared to European average. Fgm Scale company strongly believes in the achievement of our goals and commitment only to give to customers the best service ever. Competence, inspection, maintenance and safety are the key words of our management.

FGM scale company first premise, is not selling products only to empty storage but is conceiving nonce your dreams item. Next step might be watching live loft ladder manufacturing.

Online sales figures in Italy

Data show that online sales rise up abroad unlike to traditional sales in stores. On one hand, Italian companies trading online (the so-called high web companies) achieve a higher income abroad with 14,7%. On the other hand, low web companies fall in abroad sales with only 4% because online merchandise is not part of their core business. Shopping online could be a great experience: it keeps our “mind busy” reaching goals and leaving the stress out.

Buy loft ladders online: more information and bargain price

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Going to a less furnished bricoshop and getting a loft ladder?
That’s a complete mistake! Price of item might be higher moreover might not be certified by UNI EN 14975: 2006

which guarantees max load capacity of kg 260 on central tread ladder therefore following the standard requirements.

Be the interior designer of your own home

Our customers can finally take the chance: to interact with the company straight away. Fgm scale, runs a totally different management. We all knows, being our own home interior designer is one of the best dream of life. However, it has or almost never come true. It is now possible without any efforts thanks to internet: online shopping has become for lots of us a real hobby.

Customising, assembling and then looking at your loft ladder finally installed is in a very real sense a dream come true. Everything around you gains on enthusiasm and magic. What a great atmosphere!
So, ”Take a look on internet first” seems to be the best advice to follow!

Discover our motorized loft ladders

This is what actually you can do at home. You just need to sit down and relax choosing your favourite loft ladder and it will be delivered in a flash. Nothing you desire can compare with it. Besides, if you want the highest level of convenience get one of our remote motorized model, such as the two following.

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