UNI EN 14975 : 2010 Certification


Loft ladders

The loft or attic is the compartment being located between the ceiling of the top floor of a building and below the pitched roof of a house. Exploiting this space as storage for stuff and materials can be very useful, provided that it ensures climbing safety. “Rough” and less stable loft ladder are banned.

scheda-certificazione-enThe new edition of UNI EN 14975 Regulation “Loft Ladders – Requirements, marking and testing”, replacing previous that of 2007 – specifies terms and definitions, product requirements and test methods for the construction and performance of loft ladders.

Requirements, defined by the regulation regarding loft ladders, are based on max total load of 260 kg. These products are designed to be used by one person at a time.

Test must follow the order reported by the law and must be performed at established temperature. Amost testing loft ladders are subjected to, there are static load test, fatigue test, torsion test of rungs or treads, handrail test , ladder stops test (folding ladder) anti-slip test, etc.
Marking must be clear and durable indicating the name of the manufacturer or of the supplier, the number and the date of issue of regulation referred to above.

Lastly, clear instructions for safe assembling, adjustment and employment of product must be provided.
UNI EN 14975 regulation has been acknowledged by the UNI
Safety Commission.

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