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I still remember childhood days spent with my grandfather. In my eyes he was the strength, the wisdom and the greatest good. When I was ten years old I don’t know how many times I dreamed about helping him doing housework. By the way, the thing I was most scared of, was an old wooden rung ladder reaching the haycock. To tell the truth, the thing I was most afraid of, was him…falling down.

That ladder was my frightening nightmares

My recurring nightmare was that unstable ladder. When I used to be on my own, same questions came into my mind: ‘What if one of the rungs break?’What would happen to my grandfather?

Nevertheless, I had been trying to get rid of negative thoughts out of my head any time it was necessary to use that ladder. My high-tone aim was looking for a solution to make my grandfather’s life easier.

Therefore, I often asked myself ‘why had nobody ever invented tools supporting people to reach upper floors without the fear of falling down?’

Then suddenly, the answer to my questions landed on my mind: a safe ladder, manufactured of steel of course, would be the perfect gift to get to my grandfather. That’s right!

I would made him happy, and at the same time I could wiped all my fears.

Wow! Several years later, someone finally made that ladder I had been dreaming of for a long time. By the way, it is now, a high quality, stable, safe and made of steel ladder. Moreover, it has a locking mechanism, and even equipped with an automatic system.

Thank you very much indeed to FGM scale because my dreams have come true.

europe image flagMotorized Ladders

FGM scale is the only established and leading modern loft ladders company. For all of you who have been ‘climbing up the mountain trying reaching the top’, it is time to say goodbye to old ladders.

FGM scale provides you only high quality ladders, scrupulously assessed by our professional engineers. Actually, each product may only be placed on the market in accordance with safety checks being aware that only proper tests and inspections make the product reliable.

Honestly, our ladders have won the first prize for safety and utility.

But, let’s visualize your loft or your flat, or more, your house-place: our ladders’ design perfectly matches any kind of surroundings. All guaranteed by ‘Made in Italy‘ ladders, though accessible for all European countries.

Anyway, this article, today, will mirror a piece of my life to make you appreciate more the importance of the future and of its evolving.

As far as the AutoAttic version is concerned, we have to say it has the automatic locking system. It is safe and it meets all the requirements of the European safety standards according to regulation UNI EN ISO 14975:2006 Certificate. In addition, it has maximum load capacity of 260 kg.

Last but not least, today you can easily activate the access panel just by clicking on the remote . So that, we are pleased to announce that the age of old ladders and beam ladders is now over.Electric Concertina Ladder

As a matter of fact, you will only need a distance remote which still operates even in case of electrical malfunctions. FGM ladders provided the backup battery installed on the AutoAttic Vip ladder in order to lock or release the access loft panel any time you need it.

This is a very easy effort, turning into a joke. Isn’t it?

We only conceive innovative products which are also smart, functional and stirring ones but most importantly they are style and comfort all mixed up together.

Modern Loft Ladders can be compared with artwork paintings being displayed everywhere.


They might be like rare mechanical jewels being estimated for such great utility and very low sound level.

All this, could help you choosing the original gift for a beloved person. It won’t be definitely a valued thing but it will meet all the parameters of modern style.

Moreover, you won’t regret of your purchase thanks to the family’s sense of harmony coming from it.

By the way, ur automatic and lockable ladder is accessible to everyone, easy to set up, and it is also possible to customize it (size and pricing) to suit your needs.

Let us say…it’s just a gift from heaven. 25 years ago I would have given everything I had just to make my grandfather happy. But now, I just want to give you a wise suggestion: ‘Why don’t you get it?’

Latest generation of Loft Ladders

You might have an old wooden ladder in your house-place, or a loft ladder, antiquated one anyway, to reach the loft by means of an inconvenient access panel, or even worst you might use rungs ladder to get different floor levels or outdoor floors.

FGM ladders helps you to say goodbye to all troubles by replacing it with new generation of pantograph automatic ladder.

Check out details of our ladders:

Safety and reliability: steel, stable ladder with non slip treads and two handrails for added safety if needed; reliable backup battery versions allowing you to activate it even in case of electricity malfunctions.

Ease and very low sound level : goodbye then, beam ladder! By means of remote, just click on it and in a blink of an eye a silent engine will activate the ladder any time you needs.

Attractive: magnet panel (FGM Ladders Patent) available in different materials and effective sealing allowing perfect matching with any kind of home livings even luxurious ones. Some of them are provided by Led lighting turning the access panel into a skylight.

Automatic ladders for all budget. Please visit our automatic ladders range section and pick (choose) the right ladder for you.


Having troubles in reaching mezzanine? Find out more about our most innovative and exclusive solution

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